Mad Green Koopa

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Mad Green Koopa
Mad Green Koopa.png
First appearance Super Princess Peach (2005)
Variant of Koopa Troopa
Mad Green Paratroopa
Glad Red Koopa

Mad Green Koopas are enemies in Super Princess Peach. Mad Green Koopas are a variation of Koopa Troopas which are permanently angry. The game's Glossary describes that their personalities are similar to that of a spoiled child. Mad Green Koopas can also attack by simply charging towards Princess Peach.

Glossary Entry[edit]

Attacks angrily like a spoiled child!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ノコノコ緑・怒
Nokonoko Midori Do
Green Koopa Troopa of Rage
French Koopa Vert Enragé Enraged Green Koopa