Peach Hit Five

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Snapshot of the Music Room for Super Princess Peach. The Peach Hit Five is featured here.

The Peach Hit Five is a band that is led by Princess Peach, appearing in the Super Princess Peach game.

The band is made up of three Toads, Toadsworth and Peach herself, though only Peach and Toadsworth are there at first when the player starts a new game file. The three extra Toads appear when the player collects more musical scores from gameplay stages, or purchases certain ones from Toad's shop. Peach is the lead singer, Toadsworth and the right Toad play guitars, the left Toad plays the bass and the middle Toad is on drums.

This group is the host for the Music Room section of the Super Princess Peach game, where all the musical scores can be found after collecting/purchasing them during gameplay itself. This list also includes a few voice samples from Princess Peach herself.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ピーチカット・ファイヴ
Pīchikatto Faivu
Peachcato Five; a pun of the pop band Pizzicato Five