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This article is about the parasol character from Super Princess Peach. For the similarly-named bird from Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!, see Parry the Parallel Bird. For other parasols, see Parasol (disambiguation).
Perry - Super Princess Peach.png
Perry, the parasol partner from Super Princess Peach
Full name Perry
Species Human (transformed into a parasol)
First appearance Super Princess Peach (2005)
Latest appearance Super Smash Bros. Brawl (trophy cameo) (2008)

“Hiya! I'm Perry! If you're in a pinch, just call me!”
Perry, Super Princess Peach

Perry (from "Parasol") is Princess Peach's magical, talking parasol in Super Princess Peach, who is used to attack members of the Koopa Troop on her way to rescue the Mario Bros. Throughout the game, Perry's past is revealed in the umbrella's dreams. It seems that he was originally a Human (or perhaps a Toad), and was turned into an umbrella by two strange figures' magic.


Sprite of Perry
Perry's appearance in the Super Mario-Kun

Once, Perry, not knowing who he was, got woken by a kindly old man, who then took him in. Eventually, Perry and his adopted "Grandfather" were interrupted by two figures, which are never shown but for their outlines. They announced that the boy had strange powers, and they must take him away. When the two refused, the figures turned Perry into an umbrella, but he was able to escape their grasp and was picked up by a merchant. He was eventually sold to Toadsworth, who gives Perry to Princess Peach as she sets out after Bowser kidnaps Mario, Luigi and some Toads.

After Perry's last dream, he wakes up exclaiming that "Those two guys that kidnapped Grandpa are evil! Bowser is evil! Let's get 'im!" He then whispers to "Grandfather", telling him that he has decided to stay with the Princess for awhile, and that he wonders when they will be reunited.

The ending of the game offers no further clues to his origin. He was not seen again, so it is unknown whether he is still an umbrella in Peach's possession.

Perry makes an appearance in volume 37 of the Super Mario-Kun. Here, he appears in the Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time arc, where Professor E. Gadd lends Baby Peach Perry to defeat the Shroobsworth and Intern Shroob attacking Toadsworth and his younger self.


Perry has many forms that Peach can use in her quest against Bowser. Some of them can be obtained for free, but others must be purchased at the store. Perry's forms are:

  • Bowlbrella - Perry acts as a boat to ferry Peach across water.
  • Chargebrella - This form allows Peach to use Perry to destroy certain enemies and flip switches.
  • Dashbrella - Peach swings Perry around as she runs to defeat enemies in her path.
  • Floatbrella - Using Perry, Peach can float for a few seconds.
  • Poundbrella - This form allows Peach to Ground Pound enemies and breakable blocks in the ground.
  • Slidebrella - This allows Peach to slide down ropes with Perry.
  • Subrella - Perry transforms into a sub so Peach can use him to travel underwater.

Trophy Information from Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]

Name Image Game Description
Perry BrawlTrophy180.png DS Super Princess Peach A mysterious talking parasol Peach obtains from Toadsworth before heading out to save the captured Mario and Luigi. Perry provides a number of useful functions to assist Peach on her mission. Besides its obvious combat worth, Perry can also be used to sweep aside enemies, slide across ropes, and float on water. You can also buy upgrades for Perry.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カッサー
From 「傘」kasa (umbrella)
Spanish Brillita From Sombrillita, means "little parasol"
French Perry -
German Perry -
Italian Perrisol From Perry and parasol
Korean 양솔
From Korean word 양산 yangsan (parasol) and "parasol"


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