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First appearance Super Princess Peach (2005)

Walruss is a large enemy which is only found in the Gleam Glacier world from the game Super Princess Peach.

If Princess Peach enters an area where a Walruss is found, the ground will begin to shake violently and snow will fall. A Walruss will then appear from the background of the level. They are unable to move from the position where they landed. Despite their immense size, Walrusses are vulnerable to three hits from Perry, or use of the Joy or Rage vibes to defeat them. A Walruss is too large for Princess Peach to jump over, therefore they are required to be defeated in order for her to pass (unless enough Vibe power is available to fly over them).

A calm Walruss can be seen in the background of some areas of Gleam Glacier, though it does not appear as an enemy or in the glossary.

"Apparently spends time on ice eating snow cones."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese セイウチくん
French Walruss -
German Wirbelross "Whirlrus"
Italian Trichicco Combination of "tricheco" (walrus) and "Chicco" (common Italian name)
Spanish Amorsito -