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Blizzaurus in her sprite and dragon forms
Blizzaurus in both her forms
Species Snow Sprite
First appearance Super Princess Peach (2005)

Blizzaurus is a boss in the game Super Princess Peach. Her name is a portmanteau of blizzard and the suffix "saurus." She is battled at the end of World 6, Gleam Glacier. She appears as a giant dragon-type boss, but she is revealed to be a sprite.

During the battle with Blizzaurus, she mainly attacks with her massive body by charging directly at Peach. She is also capable of creating glaciers from the ground, and she has an ice beam that freezes anything touching it. After Blizzaurus is weakened, she immediately reveals her actual form: a fairy. Blizzaurus flies around, constructing icicles and blasting them at Princess Peach while Blizzaurus is protected by her own ice force field. Princess Peach is eventually able to defeat her using her Rage vibe.

Once Blizzaurus is defeated, Peach is able to travel to Giddy Sky.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ブリザドラス
Portmanteau of「ブリザード」(burizādo, blizzard), likely「ドラゴン」(doragon, dragon), and「ザウルス」(zaurusu, -saurus)
French Blizzaurus -
Italian Tempestosauro Blizza-urus
Spanish Frisaurio Coldsaurus, portmanteau of frío (cold) and dinosaurio (dinosaur)