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Artwork of Princess Peach using the Calm vibe

Calm is one of Princess Peach's Vibes in Super Princess Peach. It can be used for restoring Princess Peach's Heart Points. It is activated by touching the green Heart Panel. If an enemy is has been turned Calm by the Vibe Scepter, they will be asleep, but will wake up if Peach runs near them. Also, the music gets two times faster when Princess Peach uses this vibe.

Gooper Blooper and Bowser use Calm when they go down to 1 HP. They put a shield around them and rest, which makes them restore HP. Peach can stop the shield by using Rage against it or using a cyclone with Joy.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Spanish (NOE) Calma Calm
French Tranquillitée Tranquility
Dutch Kalmte
German Sanftmut