Goal gate (Super Princess Peach)

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The goal gate at the end of Ladida Plains 1-1
“The icon you get when you jump through the goal gate will determine the number of coins you get!”
Perry, Super Princess Peach

The goal gate is a stage event seen at the end of every level in Super Princess Peach, aside from boss stages. The goal contains a roulette, which cycles between a Mushroom, Star, Vegetable, and Flower. Coins are rewarded depending on which one the roulette stops on when Peach jumps at the roulette, which effectively completes the current level as well. Landing on a Vegetable rewards the player with one coin, a Mushroom rewards 10 coins, a Flower rewards 30 coins, and a Star rewards 50 coins. If the player lands on the Star seven times consecutively, a peach will show instead, rewarding the player with 777 coins.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゴールゲート
Gōru Gēto
Goal Gate