Goal (Super Mario Land)

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The goal at the end of World 1-2

The goal[1] is a tower found at the end of levels in Super Mario Land. It has two entrances - one at the base which sends the player directly to the next level, one at the top which allows the player to play a bonus game for a Superball Flower or extra lives first.

One of the goal's entrances must be entered to complete the level. The lower entrance can always be reached easily, being preceded by a screen-width of flat ground with no obstacles or enemies. The upper entrance, which allows entry to the bonus game, generally involves some degree of challenge by comparison. In the first instance, World 1-1, this merely involves navigating two lifts, one vertical and one horizontal, but later levels involve series of non-regenerating, one block wide dropping lifts which fall instantly when touched, giving only one chance to reach the upper entrance. World 3-2 is particularly notable in this respect, as the string of single-chance jumps required extends beyond the goal screen itself.



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