World 1-1 (Super Mario Land)

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World 1-1
Screenshot of Mario after using a ? Block
World Birabuto Kingdom
Game Super Mario Land
Time limit 400
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World 1-1 is the first level of Super Mario Land, part of the Birabuto Kingdom of Sarasaland. Pyramids and palm trees are seen in the background throughout the Egypt-styled stage, while Goombos, Bombshell Koopas and Flies are the main enemies. There are many pipes, of which two pipes lead to bonus areas.


Mario begins near a Pipe and a Mystery Block with a coin. A Goombo walks below a second Mystery Block that contains a Super Mushroom and another pipe. Furthermore, Mario finds a structure of six Hard Blocks, with a Multi-Coin above it. The next pipe is a Warp Pipe beside a Mystery Block with a coin, which sends Mario to an area with eighteen coins. If he takes the pipe, he exits back to the same pipe he entered. There is then a three-block high jump to an elevated area, with a Goombo, three Mystery Blocks with coins and two bricks.

Continuing leads to a pipe in front of a line of bricks, with two Goombos walking left off the bricks onto the pipe and down to where Mario is standing. He must jump over the pipe and either go over the bricks or slip in the one-block high space between the pipe and block. The fourth of the bricks contains a 1UP heart, which can be accessed by standing on a Mystery Block with a coin below. Mario can also collect a vertical line of seven coins to the right of the bricks by jumping down from them.

Slightly to the right of this is a pit which Mario must jump over, and then a line of three bricks under a Mystery Block with a Mushroom or, if Mario is already Super Mario, his first chance to obtain a Superball Flower.

Ahead, Mario finds a pipe, a Mystery Block with a coin and a Bombshell Koopa walking near a pyramid of Empty Blocks and Mystery Blocks with coins. Passing over another pit, Mario reaches the second functional Warp Pipe of the level, which if taken drops him into an S-shaped room with 21 coins. If he does not take it, he must pass a Goombo (which otherwise vanishes while Mario is in the bonus room) before encountering his first Fly under another Mystery Block with a coin. Jumping over the pipe, there is a Goombo on another pile of six Hard Blocks, underneath a Mystery Block with a Star.

Mario must pass through Goombos, Flies and pipes until he finds a block with a Gao-like statue in the background. After this, there is a gap leading to the goal area, which contains a block half-pyramid with a metal floor right after it. There are two platforms that can help Mario reach the higher door in the end.


Super Mario Land contains unmarked checkpoints. The places Mario resumes from after a death in World 1-1 are:

  1. The start of the level.
  2. Under the last brick of the group of six before the first pit.
  3. One block behind the last pipe before the Mystery Block containing the Star.
  4. One block behind the pit before the Gao-like background graphic.

Changes in Hard Mode[edit]


Level statistics[edit]


Name Count
10 (13 in Hard Mode)
SML Bombshell Koopa Sprite.png
Bombshell Koopa
1 (12 in Hard Mode)
SML Fighter Fly
3 (8 in Hard Mode)
0 (1 in Hard Mode)