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The front of the box for Das Super Mario Spiel.

Das Super Mario Spiel (English: The Super Mario Game) is a German board game published by KidFun and Nintendo, created as a tabletop adaptation of Super Mario Land. However, the front of the game's box shows that it is generically themed to Super Mario Bros., with a logo very similar to the international logo for Super Mario Bros. 2. The game's story is identical to that of Super Mario Land, as Princess Daisy has been kidnapped by Tatanga, and Mario must travel through the four kingdoms of Sarasaland to rescue her, including the Birabuto Kingdom, Muda Kingdom, Easton Kingdom, and Chai Kingdom. Notably, however, Luigi is also a playable character, unlike in Super Mario Land. Up to four players can play the game at once, with each player using two character pieces for both Mario and Luigi. The four pieces for each character have different background colors of red, blue, yellow, and green.

The game's objective is to reach the end of the board to defeat Tatanga and rescue Princess Daisy. While the game board is primarily separated into three sections representing the first three kingdoms of Super Mario Land, the Chai Kingdom is represented by a single space at the end of the board. Each player rolls the die to determine how many spaces they move. Some spaces are traps, which send the player back to a previous space. Other spaces have question marks on them; landing on one of these spaces allows the player to draw one of the game cards. Mario and Luigi must fight each of the game's bosses upon reaching the end of each of the first three kingdoms, including King Totomesu, Dragonzamasu, and Hiyoihoi. To win the game, a player must reach the Chai Kingdom space with both Mario and Luigi, then defeat Tatanga and the other players by rolling the die.

Artwork of Mario can be seen as the player traverses the game board, as well as many of the enemies from Super Mario Land. Several differences from Super Mario Land are exhibited by the game's artwork:

  • The Superball Flower is colored red on the inside, making it appear very similar to a Fire Flower from Super Mario Bros. Additionally, Mario is shown throwing a fireball at Tatanga.
  • Toads can be seen in the Birabuto Kingdom, the Easton Kingdom, and on several of the game cards, despite no other evidence showing Toads to be inhabitants of Sarasaland.
  • A Koopa Troopa appears in the Birabuto Kingdom and Muda Kingdom, although only Bombshell Koopas appear in Super Mario Land. Despite this, one of the game cards does feature a Bombshell Koopa.
  • One of the game cards depicts Mario in a rocket, which is presumably an alternate interpretation of the Sky Pop.
  • Princess Daisy wears a pink dress, a yellow crown, and has blonde hair, making her appear identical to Princess Peach.
  • Tatanga is teal in color, rather than purple.

Game description[edit]

Original text Translation

Die ganze Welt von Super Mario in einem abenteuerlichen Brettspiel.

The whole world of Super Mario in an adventurous board game.


1 Spielplan

8 Spielfiguren in vier Farben
für 2-4 Spieler

1 Würfel

60 Spielkarten

Game material:

1 game board

8 game pieces in four colors
for 2-4 players

1 die

60 playing cards


Prinzessin Daisy von Sarasaland wurde von einem schrecklichen Ungeheuer namens Tatanga in das Königreich Tschai entführt. Mario und Luigi machen sich sofort auf den Weg, um die Prinzessin zu befreien. Hierbei führt sie ihr Weg durch die drei Königreiche Birabuto, Muda und Easton, wo zahlreiche Gefahren auf sie lauern. Derjenige Spieler, der zuerst mit Mario und Luigi in Tschai ankommt, die Prinzessin befreit und seine Mitspieler Besiegt, hat gewonnen.

Game idea:

Princess Daisy of Sarasaland has been kidnapped by a terrible monster named Tatanga in the kingdom of Chai. Mario and Luigi immediately set out to free the princess. In doing so, their path takes them through the three kingdoms of Birabuto, Muda and Easton, where numerous dangers await them. The player who arrives first in Chai with Mario and Luigi, frees the princess and defeats his fellow players, is the winner.