Donkey Kong Junior (cereal)

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The front of a box of Donkey Kong Junior cereal.

Donkey Kong Junior was a breakfast cereal produced by Ralston Purina in 1983, following the release of its Donkey Kong cereal. The Donkey Kong Junior cereal was based on the game of the same name, and it features Donkey Kong Jr. on the front of the box. The cereal is fruit-flavored, being comprised of red apple-shaped pieces and yellow banana-shaped pieces.

Some boxes of the cereal contained a roll of Pez fruit-flavored candy. Consumers could send in the proof of purchase seal on the side of the box, along with 75 cents, to receive a Donkey Kong Junior Pez dispenser. Other boxes of the cereal included either four Ralston All-Stars baseball cards or one of three Donkey Kong Junior Game Books, featuring artwork and activities from Donkey Kong Junior: Activity Book. Animated commercials were also produced for the cereal, featuring Donkey Kong Jr. and other animals.[1]