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Logo of Taco Bell (2016-present)
Taco Bell’s Logo
Taco Bell promotional material
Advertisement featuring the Taco Bell promotion

Taco Bell is an American international fast food chain. For the holiday season in 1997, the company ran a Nintendo 64 themed promotion which included selling Nintendo toys and a promotion titled "Score 64" to potentially win various prizes including a Nintendo 64, money or a Porsche Boxster. The kid's meal was packaged in a Nintendo themed box, designed similarly to the Happy Meal, and would have included a toy. The said toy could be purchased on its own separately for $0.99 USD, packaged discretely in a green box. This set of toys were called the "Nintendo Holiday Gifts".[1]

The promotion came about after a $10 million Banjo-Kazooie themed promotion fell through, due to a delay in the game.[2]





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