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Logo of CAProduction.
Founded 1993
First Mario game Mario Party (1998)
Latest Mario game Mario Party Superstars (2021)
Former logo

C.A.Production Co. Ltd (short for "Computer Artist Production") is a Japanese contract developer founded in 1993 that had strong ties to Hudson Soft, and is also similarly connected to Nintendo's subsidiary NDcube. The company co-developed most installments of the Mario Party series beside the arcade installments, Mario Party Advance, and Mario Party: Island Tour. Outside of assisting the aforementioned developers, the company's original titles include Hagane: The Final Conflict and Bulk Slash.

Although CAProduction's work on the Mario Party series is uncredited, the company has a list of its productions on the official website. The names of the pre-Mario Party 9 games are left blank, but the dates, platforms, and genres listed correspond with those of the Mario Party games.[1]


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