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Burger King logo (2020-present)
Burger King’s logo

Burger King is an American fast-food chain. The chain has had several promotions related to the Super Mario franchise.

Super Mario-related promotions[edit]

2002 Nintendo Superstars promotion[edit]

The fourth page of a Burger King activity book featuring the available toys
All ten toys

In 2002, Burger King had a promotion which ran from November 25, 2002 to December 29, 2002. It included ten toys with seven of the toys being Super Mario-related. During this promotion, a person could win a Game Boy Advance game by getting a golden toy.

  • Donkey Kong Time Racer - A toy requiring the player to push Donkey Kong to the banana pile before the timer runs out, launching the bananas away.
  • Hop & Slide Diddy Kong - A toy involving catapulting Diddy Kong onto a slide to knock down a barrel at the end.
  • Race Around Peach & Bowser - A spinning roulette game played by adding up points based on the results of the wheel.
  • Water Whirl Wario - A ball-launching game that is filled with water.
  • Coin Collector Mario Sunshine - A slot machine game with various coin amounts as results.
  • Egg Hunter Yoshi - A wind-up Yoshi toy and cardboard egg cutout targets for it to knock down.
  • Soar & Chase Luigi - A toy that involves the player sending Luigi spiraling up a tower being chased by a Boo, and crashing down to collect a 1-Up Mushroom.

2008 Wii promotion[edit]

Burger King promotional toys
The various toys

In 2008, Burger King had a promotion for the Wii which included ten toys, nine of which were Super Mario-related. Each toy featured a Wii Remote replica which was used to interact with the toy.

  • Light Up Luma - A Luma figure which lit up when connecting the Wii Remote and pressing a button.
  • Rumbling Tumbling Diddy Kong - A Diddy Kong figure which could be sent rolling with the Wii Remote.
  • Whirl 'N' Twirl Princess Peach - A Princess Peach figure which twirled around when launched from the Wii Remote.
  • Float 'N' Go Boo - A Boo figure with a magnet, which would be pushed away from the Wii Remote for a floating effect.
  • Flip and Stick Donkey Kong - A Donkey Kong figure that flips into the air when released from the Wii Remote. An aluminum target is included.
  • Mario to the Rescue - A toy based on Super Paper Mario with a cardboard backdrop depicting Lineland Road with a block maze, which a magnetic Paper Mario figure is guided through using the Wii Remote.
  • Galaxy Blast Mario - A toy based on Super Mario Galaxy with a propeller depicting Mario and Luma, which could be sent flying in the air after being launched from the Wii Remote.
  • Chain Chomp Launcher - A Chain Chomp figure which could be launched toward cardboard targets depicting Wario and Bowser.
  • Mario Kart Yoshi - A figure of Yoshi driving the Standard Kart from Mario Kart Wii. Unlike the others, this one featured a Wii Wheel replica instead which could be used to aim and launch the kart.

2012 Wii U promotion[edit]

In 2012, Burger King ran a promotion for the release of the Wii U, including ten Super Mario-related toys. Each toy also included a sheet of stickers depicting various characters, enemies and items from the Super Mario series.

  • Mario Shell Shooter - A Wii U Game Pad that shoots cardboard discs at included cardboard target.
    • Packaged with stickers of Mario, Luigi, a Super Mushroom, a 1-Up Mushroom, and Red and Green Shells
  • Wii U Sticker Dispenser - A Wii U Game Pad that dispenses sheets of stickers.
    • Dispensable sticker sheets include Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Bowser and various other characters, enemies and items.
  • Wii U Piranha Plant Catch - A Wii U Game Pad shaped game involving launching pellets into the mouths of Piranha Plants.
    • Packaged with stickers of Piranha Plants and Warp Pipes.
  • Super Mario Mustache Maker - A Wii U Game Pad shaped plastic mold and storage case that shapes the included clay into Mario's mustache.
  • Mario - A plastic figure of Mario
    • Packaged with stickers of Mario, Bowser Jr., and Coins.
  • Luigi - A plastic figure of Luigi
    • Packaged with stickers of Luigi, Bowser, Red and Green Shells, a 1-Up Mushroom, and ? Blocks
  • Super Mario Chuckin' Shell - A pull-back motorized Green Shell toy.
    • Packaged with stickers of Green and Red Shells, ? Mark Blocks, and Brick Blocks.
  • Super Mario Cloud Racers - Two wheeled toys of Mario and Luigi in clouds and a launcher.
    • Packaged with stickers of Mario, a Lakitu, Coins and a ? Block.
  • Barrel Down Donkey Kong - A barrel launching toy with cardboard barrel cutout targets.
    • Packaged with stickers of Donkey Kong, Coins, and DK Barrels.
  • Diddy Kong's Link Up - A set of ten linking Diddy Kong figures, similar to the toy Barrel of Monkeys.
    • Packaged with stickers of Diddy Kong, Bananas, and DK Barrels.

Super Mario-related toys through the King Jr.[edit]

A King Jr. is a meal available at Burger King. Similar to Happy Meals, they often come with toys, and there have been toys related to the Super Mario franchise included in several meals.

February 1, 2021 - March 15, 2021[edit]

Several toys available as part of a Burger King Jr. meal at Burger King.
The various toys

During this period, customers could also receive toys based on the Nintendo Switch version of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Splatoon 2. These toys were available in the United States, Canada, and a large portion of Latin America.[1][2]

Super Mario Meal[edit]

From February 8, 2021, to February 22, 2021, customers could order a "Super Mario Meal" online. This contained a Whopper, small fries, and a small fountain drink. Purchasing the meal would give the consumer a chance to win a Nintendo Switch and a copy of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury. Purchasing the meal would also give the consumer 100 My Nintendo Platinum Points.[1][2]



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