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Hot Wheels's logo

Hot Wheels is a brand used by the United States-based toy company Mattel introduced in 1968 that features die-cast toy cars.

Monster Jam[edit]

Along with merchandise directly based on the Mario franchise, Hot Wheels toys have also been produced of the Donkey Kong monster truck.

Pop Culture[edit]

Six cars were produced in 2015 under the Pop Culture series for the 30th anniversary of the Mario franchise featuring artwork from NES and SNES-era Mario titles[1].

Character Cars[edit]

In August 2016, six Character Cars were released based on various main characters from the Mario series[2][3]. In 2018, a seventh Character Car based on Donkey Kong was released in addition to the original six. In 2020, a Character Car based on Bullet Bill was released, followed by Character Cars based on Light-Blue Yoshi and Princess Daisy releasing in 2021.

8-Car Series[edit]

In September 2016, eight cars featuring artwork of various Mario series characters and were released exclusively at Walmart stores[4][3].

Mario Kart Series[edit]

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