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A scratch card for Hostess Potato Chips' Nintendo giveaway.
Scratch card

Hostess was a Canadian potato chip brand. From September to New Years Eve of 1989, they hosted a giveaway that consisted of various Nintendo products.

Giveaway rules[edit]

In order for customers to possibly win something, they would have to mail a hand-drawn facsimile of the Hostess Frido-Lay logo to the Hostess company. Participants could send as many entries as they wanted, as long as each entry was individually sent in separate envelopes. They would then be sent a scratch card with nine grey-coloured scratch-off areas. Participants then had to scratch three panels and match the same icon for all three of them, correctly answer a math equation, and show their winning card at a participating retailer.[1]

Symbol Prize Chance of winning Number of items available
Jewel Nintendo Entertainment System Control Deck 1:127,680 25,000
Lightning bolt Game cartridges 1:12,768 250,000
Star Sweatshirt 1:6,080 525,000
Mushroom Painter cap 1:1,456 7,000,000
Pepsi Pepsi 1:1,064 3,000,000
Doritos Doritos chips 1:285 11,200,000
Hostess Hostess chips 1:200 16,000,000


Mario and the Hostess Munchies in a Hostess Potato Chips commercial.
Mario and a Bullet Bill in a Hostess Potato Chips commercial.
Mario, a Hostess Munchie, and a Koopa Troopa in a Hostess Potato Chips commercial.

A televised commercial promoting the giveaway featured Fire Mario and the three Hostess Munchies traversing through a level of Super Mario Bros. It begins with the Hostess Munchies standing on top of each other so Mario can scratch three mushroom icons on a scratch card. He then guides them to a Warp Pipe leading to an underground level, where they bash Brick Blocks and jump over various bags of Hostess branded chips.

The commercial ends with the quartet reaching a Goal Pole, despite still being underground, and walking into an overworld castle with no indication that they entered another Warp Pipe.[2]



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