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Not to be confused with Club Nintendo Hanafuda.
Illustration on the upper face of the inner box of the red Mario Hanafuda deck

The Mario Hanafuda deck is a deck of Japanese playing cards known as hanafuda. It was introduced during the 30th Anniversary of Super Mario Bros. The illustrations on the cards, including the ones on the inner box, are derived from the currently produced "President" set.[1] Red- and black-decked versions of Mario Hanafuda were later made available on the My Nintendo Store in Europe on June 16, 2020,[2] along with postcards based on them.[3]

Illustrations on the cards[edit]

In the Mario Hanafuda deck, all of the cards' traditional illustrations have been modified with elements from the Mario universe. Furthermore, a close inspection of the illustration reveals that a new printing method has been used with respect to the one used in the Club Nintendo Hanafuda. Another important aspect is that now some months follow a theme (although others are mixes of miscellaneous enemies, power ups and the Mario Bros. themselves):

MH Jan 1.svg MH Jan 2.svg MH Jan 3.svg MH Jan 4.svg
MH Feb 1.svg MH Feb 2.svg MH Feb 3.svg MH Feb 4.svg
MH Mar 1.svg MH Mar 2.svg MH Mar 3.svg MH Mar 4.svg
MH Apr 1.svg MH Apr 2.svg MH Apr 3.svg MH Apr 4.svg
MH May 1.svg MH May 2.svg MH May 3.svg MH May 4.svg
MH Jun 1.svg MH Jun 2.svg MH Jun 3.svg MH Jun 4.svg
MH Jul 1.svg MH Jul 2.svg MH Jul 3.svg MH Jul 4.svg
MH Aug 1.svg MH Aug 2.svg MH Aug 3.svg MH Aug 4.svg
MH Sep 1.svg MH Sep 2.svg MH Sep 3.svg MH Sep 4.svg
MH Oct 1.svg MH Oct 2.svg MH Oct 3.svg MH Oct 4.svg
MH Nov 1.svg MH Nov 2.svg MH Nov 3.svg MH Nov 4.svg
MH Dec 1.svg MH Dec 2.svg MH Dec 3.svg MH Dec 4.svg

Appearances in games[edit]

In Mario Kart Tour, the first illustration of January, the fourth illustration of February, the first illustration of March, the fourth illustration of April, the first illustration of May, the first illustration of June, the third illustration of July, the first illustration of August, the first illustration of September, the second illustration of October, the first illustration of November, and the first illustration of December appear as tour-exclusive High-End gliders available as tour gifts for Gold Pass subscribers. Each one was released during their respective month from the card set.


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