Baby Mario Hanafuda

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Baby Mario Hanafuda
MKT Icon BabyMarioHanafuda.png
Strong stats
Weak stats
Appearances Mario Kart Tour

The Baby Mario Hanafuda is an unlockable glider in Mario Kart Tour, classified as a tour-exclusive High-End glider. Its design very strongly resembles that of the Full Flight, but with a slightly thinner frame and a hanafuda-style drawing of a Stork holding Baby Mario, which is a reference to the crane-and-pine hanafuda card. Using Mushrooms grants more points when using this glider. The artwork depicted on it is taken directly from Mario Hanafuda. The glider was also added in the month the artwork was used for in the set, January.

Profiles and statistics[edit]

Special skill MKT Icon Mushroom.png Mushroom Plus
Favorite courses
(Combo bonus ×3 and big combo-time boost)
MKT Icon 3DS Rainbow Road.png
3DS Rainbow Road
MKT Icon 3DS Rainbow Road R.png
3DS Rainbow Road R
MKT Icon 3DS Rainbow Road T.png
3DS Rainbow Road T
MKT Icon Ghost Valley 1.png
SNES Ghost Valley 1
MKT Icon Ghost Valley 1R.png
SNES Ghost Valley 1R
MKT Icon Ghost Valley 1T.png
SNES Ghost Valley 1T
MKT Icon DS Luigi's Mansion RT.png
DS Luigi's Mansion R/T
MKT Icon RMX Mario Circuit 1RT.png
RMX Mario Circuit 1R/T
Favored courses
(Combo bonus ×2 and combo-time boost)
MKT Icon Dino Dino Jungle RT.png
GCN Dino Dino Jungle R/T*
MKT Icon Shy Guy Bazaar RT.png
3DS Shy Guy Bazaar R/T
MKT Icon Choco Island 2RT.png
SNES Choco Island 2R/T
MKT Icon DS Waluigi Pinball RT.png
DS Waluigi Pinball R/T
MKT Icon DK Pass RT.png
DS DK Pass R/T
MKT Icon Tokyo Blur 2.png
Tokyo Blur 2
MKT Icon Tokyo Blur 2R.png
Tokyo Blur 2R
MKT Icon Tokyo Blur 2T.png
Tokyo Blur 2T
MKT Icon Tokyo Blur 2RT.png
Tokyo Blur 2R/T
MKT Icon Ghost Valley 1RT.png
SNES Ghost Valley 1R/T*
MKT Icon London Loop 2.png
London Loop 2
MKT Icon London Loop 2T.png
London Loop 2T
MKT Icon London Loop 2R.png
London Loop 2R
MKT Icon London Loop 2RT.png
London Loop 2R/T
MKT Icon Donut Plains 1.png
SNES Donut Plains 1**
MKT Icon Donut Plains 1T.png
SNES Donut Plains 1T
MKT Icon Donut Plains 1R.png
SNES Donut Plains 1R
MKT Icon Choco Mountain.png
N64 Choco Mountain
MKT Icon Choco Mountain T.png
N64 Choco Mountain T**
MKT Icon Choco Mountain R.png
N64 Choco Mountain R

* indicates a favored course upgraded to a favorite course after reaching level 3. ** indicates a favored course upgraded to a favorite course after reaching level 6.

  • Mario Kart Tour Twitter: "The Baby Mario Hanafuda glider pays homage to the traditional Pine-and-Crane playing card found in a hanafuda deck! Subscribers to the #MarioKartTour Gold Pass can get this glider if they collect enough Grand Stars during the New Year's Tour."[1]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マツニベビィはなふだ
Matsu ni Bebī Hanafuda
Baby in Pine Hanafuda
Spanish (NOA) Hanafuda Bebé Mario Baby Mario Hanafuda
German Baby-Mario-Drachen Baby Mario Kite
Italian Hanafuda Baby Mario Baby Mario Hanafuda
Portuguese Hanafuda Bebê Mario Baby Mario Hanafuda