Rainbow Starchute

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Rainbow Starchute
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Appearances Mario Kart Tour

The Rainbow Starchute is a glider that appears in Mario Kart Tour. It is a variant of the Starchute that resembles the Rainbow Star from Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2 but with eyes. It is classified as a tour-exlcusive High-End glider. Unlike the Starchute, however, hitting opponents with Mega Mushrooms yields more points when using this glider.

The glider is exclusively obtainable during the Vancouver Tour and is part of the second week's spotlight alongside Wario (Hiker) and the Snow Skimmer.

Profiles and statistics[edit]

Special skill MKT Icon Mega Mushroom.png Mega Mushroom Plus
Favored courses Combo bonus ×3 and big combo-time boost
MKT Icon DK Pass.png
DS DK Pass
MKT Icon DK Pass R.png
DS DK Pass R
MKT Icon Vancouver Velocity R.png
Vancouver Velocity R
MKT Icon RMX Mario Circuit 1R.png
RMX Mario Circuit 1R
MKT Icon 3DS Rainbow Road R.png
3DS Rainbow Road R
MKT Icon 3DS Rainbow Road T.png
3DS Rainbow Road T
MKT Icon 3DS Rainbow Road RT.png
3DS Rainbow Road R/T
MKT Icon Vanilla Lake 1RT.png
SNES Vanilla Lake 1R/T
Combo bonus ×2 and combo-time boost
MKT Icon Frappe Snowland RT.png
N64 Frappe Snowland R/T
MKT Icon Vancouver Velocity T.png
Vancouver Velocity T
MKT Icon Vancouver Velocity RT.png
Vancouver Velocity R/T
MKT Icon SNES Rainbow Road RT.png
SNES Rainbow Road R/T
MKT Icon 3DS Rainbow Road.png
3DS Rainbow Road
MKT Icon Dino Dino Jungle.png
GCN Dino Dino Jungle
MKT Icon Dino Dino Jungle T.png
GCN Dino Dino Jungle T
MKT Icon RMX Mario Circuit 1RT.png
RMX Mario Circuit 1R/T
MKT Icon DS Waluigi Pinball RT.png
DS Waluigi Pinball R/T
  • Mario Kart Tour Twitter: "Check out this be-hue-tiful glider. Doesn't it really pop against the starry night sky? The Rainbow Starchute will bring out the colors of the rainbow every time you take flight!"[1]


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese レインボーシューター
Reinbō Shūtā
Rainbow Shooter
Spanish (NOA) Paraestrella Arcoiris Rainbow Starchute
French Étoile arc-en-ciel Rainbow Star
German Spektralstern-Schirm Spectral Star Umbrella
Italian Stellacadute arcobaleno Rainbow Starchute
Portuguese Pairaestrela From pairar (hover) and estrela (star)