Vanilla Lake 1

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Vanilla Lake 1
SMK Vanilla Lake 1 Lower-Screen Map.png
Appearance(s) Super Mario Kart (1992)
Mario Kart: Super Circuit (2001)
Mario Kart Tour (2020)
Cup(s) it appears in Star Cup (SMK)
Extra Star Cup (MKSC)
Super Mario Kart

Mario Kart: Super Circuit

Course map
Super Mario Kart
SMK Vanilla Lake 1 Overhead Map.png
Mario Kart: Super Circuit
MKSC SNES Vanilla Lake 1 Map.png

Minimap as seen on the menu.Minimap as seen in the race.

Vanilla Lake 1 is the third course of the Star Cup in the game Super Mario Kart. It was subsequently reused in Mario Kart: Super Circuit as the first track in the Extra Star Cup. It is a short course taking place on a frozen lake.

Super Mario Kart[edit]

The slippery ground makes it harder to control the kart. At the edge of the track, the lake is snow-covered; driving here will slow the kart down. There are many obstacles along the way, such as pipes, and at some parts of the track, the ice is broken and exposes water. In addition, there are many ice block tiles blocking the way, which break if bumped into to.

Mario Kart: Super Circuit[edit]

The course reappears in Mario Kart: Super Circuit and is the first track in the Extra Star Cup. It uses the background from Snow Land. The pipe hazards are removed from the track, and an extra Item Box is added on the left side of the small pool.

Mario Kart Tour[edit]

The course icon in Mario Kart Tour

The course reappears as a Retro Course for the first time in Mario Kart Tour, debuting in the Ice Tour; it is favored by Lemmy, Ice Mario, and Penguin Luigi. In this rendition, most of the snow blocks were removed, a Glide Ramp was added left of the now-first Item Box set, and the wall to the right of the second set of Item Boxes (which replace most of the second set of snow blocks) has a break in it, as well as another Item Box.

Due to the Vanilla Lake setting returning in this game first, this is currently the only Super Mario Kart course to retain its original music, instead of reusing a cover from a prior Mario Kart game.


SNES appearance[edit]

GBA appearance[edit]

Mobile appearance[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バニラレイクコース1
Banira Reiku Kōsu 1
Vanilla Lake Course 1
Spanish Lago Vainilla 1 Vanilla Lake 1
French Lac Vanille 1 Vanilla Lake 1
German Vanille-See 1 Vanilla Lake 1
Italian Lago Vaniglia 1 Vanilla Lake 1
Portuguese Lago Baunilha 1 Vanilla Lake 1
Chinese 香草湖1[1]
Xiāngcǎo Hú 1
Vanilla Lake 1


  1. ^ From the unreleased iQue Mario Kart: Super Circuit