Bowser's Castle (Mario Kart Wii)

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Bowser's Castle
Bowser's Castle
Appears in Mario Kart Wii (2008)
Cup(s) Special Cup
Staff Ghost 3:04:836 by Nin★YABUKI
(Bowser in the Piranha Prowler)
Expert Staff Ghost 2:42:098 by Nin★Masa
(Bowser on the Flame Runner)
Online play No longer available (Wii)
Music sample
Course map
Bowser's Castle

Bowser's Castle is the third course of the Special Cup in Mario Kart Wii. It resembles the Mario Kart: Double Dash!! iteration of the course, as it has Thwomps, the same castle entrance designed to resemble Bowser's face, and Bowser's famed laugh playing upon entry to the castle.

Elements of the castle music from the original Super Mario Bros. can be heard in the beginning portion of the music for this course. Additionally, despite the tracks sharing little similarity, the main theme for the course is based on the theme for Maple Treeway, albeit rearranged into a slower, lower-pitched, and more sinister version.

Course layout[edit]

The start of the track

The race starts with a straight dirt road that leads to a bridge that curves into a Ramp with a Dash Panel, which then leads into the entrance of the castle. When entering the castle, Bowser's laughter is heard as the player approaches a wavy hall, filled with pillars and Item Boxes. The player can perform tricks in the hallway, as the shifting floor creates small ramps. After the hallway is a left turn followed by a right turn under some Thwomps, then another left turn past some lava. The track then takes a left turn past another Thwomp and leads to a boost ramp into a large room facing Mecha Bowser. Two more Dash Panels appear on the floor, with two sets of half-pipes on each wall to avoid the Mecha Bowser's fireballs and patches of mud on the floor. A small ramp can also be used to jump over the second patch of mud. The player can then go around either side of the Mecha Bowser where both routes lead to a Fire Bar and a boost ramp to a right turn with meshed flooring, which Lava Geysers come through. The course then takes another right turn with a single Thwomp and a left turn with three Thwomps that drop alternately. A ramp with a Dash Panel over a giant Fire Bar follows, with a left turn past a Showtime! billboard to a straight section with more Lava Geysers, erupting from the ground instead of from the lava. These geysers swap positions and the player can perform tricks around the edge of them, before returning to the starting line.

Like on N64 Bowser's Castle, Thwomps utter a laugh when crushing drivers.


Funky Kong clips through the wall.

In the half-pipe area after the Mecha Bowser, players can boost up the right side of the half-pipe on the right, and glitch through the un-textured wall onto the higher platform as a shortcut.


The August 2009 Tournament 2

The second tournament of August 2009 took place at Bowser's Castle. It was a Time Trial race containing several hazards, such as Swooper swarms, more Lava Geysers, and scattered boxes. Thwomps were also placed at different spots, preferably spots that were more likely to hinder the players. The spinning firebars also moved faster than before. The player starts out with a set of Triple Mushrooms. The tournament was later repeated as the first tournament of July 2011, the second tournament of September 2012, and the first tournament of December 2013.


Mario Kart Wii[edit]

  • European website bio: "Only some skilful stunt driving will enable you to dodge the huge fireballs spat out by the stone statue of Bowser. Moving hallways, a river of lava, and eleven other racers gunning for first place make the task even trickier."


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クッパキャッスル
Kuppa Kyassuru
Bowser Castle
French Château de Bowser Bowser's Castle
German Bowsers Festung Bowser´s Fortress
Korean 쿠파 성
Kupa Seong
Bowser Castle
Spanish Castillo de Bowser Bowser's Castle