Shooting Star (bike)

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Shooting Star
Twinkle Star
Rosalina on her Shooting Star
Size Class Large
Strong stats Speed, Weight, Drift, Mini-Turbo
Weak stats Acceleration, Handling, Off-Road
Appearances Mario Kart Wii

The Shooting Star (known as the Twinkle Star in Japanese and British English) is a large bike that appears in Mario Kart Wii. It has a star on the front, a comet trail on its sides and exhaust pipes, and a gray wing on the handlebars. The emblem is located on the very back of the bike. It is unlocked by winning the 100cc Star Cup or by playing 1,500 races. The Shooting Star is one of seven vehicles in Mario Kart Wii to go through a design change other than a palette-swap, the others being the Booster Seat, Bit Bike, Flame Runner, Wario Bike, Spear, and Phantom. In this case, the star on the side of Rosalina's Shooting Star is larger than on the other characters'. Also, hers does not have a foot rest, as the others do. In a similar manner, Bowser's and Dry Bowser's Shooting Stars have their handlebars positioned lower than the other Shooting Stars.

The Shooting Star's kart counterpart is the Honeycoupe.


Speed: 50/80
Weight: 48/80
Acceleration: 29/80
Handling: 32/80
Drift: 59/80
Off-road: 27/80
Mini-turbo: 59/80
Vehicle type:

The Shooting Star has good speed (which is tied with that of the Super Blooper) and weight (tied with the Sprinter), along with great drift and Mini-Turbo, which are tied with that of the Wild Wing. Its mini-turbo is also tied with the Booster Seat. It has the best drift and mini-turbo of any large class vehicle. On the other hand, its off-road, acceleration (tied with the Sneakster, Mini Beast, and Piranha Prowler), and handling stats are low, and it is the lightest large vehicle in the game.

The Shooting Star is also the only large vehicle to be lighter than a medium vehicle. In this case, it is lighter than the Wild Wing, a medium kart.

Although the Shooting Star has a good drift and mini-turbo, it drifts outside. In fact, it has the highest speed and drift stat among all the bikes that drift outward.

Color schemes[edit]

Rosalina using her Shooting Star on Moonview Highway
Character Color scheme Image
Wario Yellow body, orange star, purple stripes and seat, green flame, and dark-blue wheels ShootingStar-Wario.png
Waluigi Dark purple body, yellow star, stripes and seat, orange flame, and dark-blue wheels ShootingStar-Waluigi.png
Donkey Kong Reddish-brown body, yellow star and stripes, dark brown seat, brown flame, and teal-blue wheels ShootingStar-DonkeyKong.png
Bowser Dark Green body, yellow star and stripes, black seat, red flame, dark-blue wheels, and lowered handle ShootingStar-Bowser.png
King Boo Grayish-blue body, white star and stripes, red seat, black flame, and dark-blue wheels ShootingStar-KingBoo.png
Rosalina Turquoise body, yellow star, stripes and seat, teal-blue flame, dark-blue wheels, and no footrest ShootingStar-Rosalina.png
Funky Kong White body, red star and stripes, dark brown seat, dull dark-green flame, and teal-blue wheels ShootingStar-FunkyKong.png
Dry Bowser Black body, white star and stripes, red seat, maroon flame, teal-blue wheels, and lowered handles ShootingStar-DryBowser.png
Male Mii Black body, yellow star, stripes and seat, red-violet flame and wheels, and dark-blue Mii icon ShootingStar-MiiM.png
Female Mii Hot pink body, yellow star, and stripes and seat, sky-blue flame and wheels, and dark-red Mii icon ShootingStar-MiiF.png

Trading Card info[edit]

Trading Card

"To a novice racer, the benefits of drifting may be a bit elusive. But once you understand how drifting effectively sets up Mini-Turbos, you'll appreciate how the Shooting Star excels in this important stat category!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トゥインクルスター
Tuinkuru Sutā
Twinkle Star
Spanish Estrella Fugaz Shooting Star
French (NOA) Étoile Filante Shooting Star
French (NOE) Scoot Comète Comet Scooter
German Schnuppe
Italian Moto Stella Star Bike
Korean 슈팅스타
Syuting Seuta
Shooting Star