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Wario on his Honeycoupe
Size Class Large
Strong stats Speed, Weight, Drift, Mini-Turbo
Weak stats Acceleration, Handling, Off-Road
Appearances Mario Kart Wii

The Honeycoupe (known as the Dragonetti in Europe and Oceania) is a large-sized kart that appears in Mario Kart Wii. The character's emblem appears only on a tiny license plate located at the back of the kart between the exhaust pipes. The vehicle greatly resembles the Dino 206 SP, an Italian sports car prototype made by Ferrari, with a custom targa top body style. The kart can be unlocked by winning the 150cc Lightning Cup or by playing 3,000 races.

The bike counterpart for this kart is the Shooting Star. This vehicle is a Speed type vehicle. Compared to the Flame Flyer, the Honeycoupe is slower, but has better acceleration and handling, only to be outnumbered by the Mini Beast that fares slightly better in those stats. It also has a great drift and Mini-Turbo that almost rivals that of the Wild Wing, but only to have its handling and off-road stats tied with the Wild Wing, with its off-road stat also tying with the Sneakster. Ironically, the Honeycoupe is actually heavier than both the Flame Flyer and Standard Kart L (also heavier than the Wario Bike, Jetsetter, and Spear), and is the third heaviest vehicle/kart in the game, behind the Offroader and Piranha Prowler, despite appearing smaller than other large vehicles. The Honeycoupe also has the best drift and Mini-Turbo stats out of all the large karts. Its speed is tied with the Bullet Bike. Its mini-turbo is tied with the Sugarscoot. It bears a resemblance to the Parade Kart from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

Color schemes[edit]

Character Color scheme Image
Wario Purple with yellow headlights and red tail lights Honeycoupe-Wario.png
Waluigi Blue with yellow headlights and red tail lights Honeycoupe-Waluigi.png
Donkey Kong Orange with blue headlights and red tail lights Honeycoupe-DonkeyKong.png
Bowser Dark Green with blue headlights and red tail lights Honeycoupe-Bowser.png
King Boo White with blue headlights and red tail lights Honeycoupe-KingBoo.png
Rosalina Yellow/Gold with blue headlights and red tail lights Honeycoupe-Rosalina.png
Funky Kong Red with blue headlights and orange tail lights Honeycoupe-FunkyKong.png
Dry Bowser Black with blue headlights and red tail lights Honeycoupe-DryBowser.png
Male Mii Dark blue with blue headlights and red tail lights Honeycoupe-MiiM.png
Female Mii Hot pink with blue headlights and red tail lights Honeycoupe-MiiF.png
  • Note: The coloring on the Time Trials icon depicts Donkey Kong's Honeycoupe, but on the Mario Kart Wii Channel screen on the Wii Menu, the coloring depicts Rosalina's Honeycoupe, and on the unlocking screen, the coloring depicts Waluigi's Honeycoupe.


Speed: 53/80
Weight: 62/80
Acceleration: 27/80
Handling: 29/80
Drift: 56/80
Off-road: 24/80
Mini-turbo: 56/80
Vehicle type:

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トリッキー
Spanish (NOA) Libertad GT GT Freedom
Spanish (NOE) Fullero Cheater
French (NOA) Coupé Miel Honey Coupe
French (NOE) Turbo Flash Turbo Flash
German Turbetto
Italian Flash GT from Flash and GT, a category of car models meaning for Gran Turismo
Korean 트릭키