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Daisy on her Sprinter.
Size Class Medium
Strong stats Speed, Weight
Weak stats Acceleration, Handling, Off-Road, Mini-Turbo
Appearances Mario Kart Wii

The Sprinter (also known as the B Dasher Mk 2 in the PAL regions and Japan) is a medium-sized kart that appears in Mario Kart Wii. Its appearance is based on a modern Formula One car and is the successor of the B Dasher from Mario Kart DS. The kart can be unlocked by unlocking 24 expert staff ghosts in Time Trials or by winning 3,000 WFC races. Its bike counterpart is the Sneakster.

There is a kart in Mario Kart 8 called the Circuit Special, which greatly resembles the Sprinter. The Dutch version calls it Sprinter 2.0, making it a successor to this kart though it could also be a successor to the original B Dasher, since it is called Sprinter in Dutch.


Speed: 64/80
Weight: 48/80
Acceleration: 27/80
Handling: 24/80
Drift: 37/80
Off-road: 21/80
Mini-turbo: 24/80
Drift Type:

The Sprinter features great speed; it is the fastest medium vehicle in the game. Its weight, which is tied with the Shooting Star, is also manageable, and it is the second heaviest medium kart in the game. Its drift is about average, but its other stats are rather low, and has the worst handling, off-road, and Mini-Turbo of the medium vehicles.

Color schemes[edit]

  • Mario – White and red
  • Luigi – White and dark green
  • Peach – White and pink
  • Daisy – White and orange
  • Yoshi – White and green
  • Birdo – White and magenta
  • Diddy Kong – Orange and red
  • Bowser Jr. – Dark green and yellow
  • Male Mii – Black and red
  • Female Mii – Creamy white and light blue


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese Bダッシュ Mk.2
Bī Dasshu Mk. 2
B Dash Mk. 2
Spanish (NOA) Fórmula N Formula N
Spanish (NOE) Super Rayo GTI Super Thunderbold GTI, GTI stands for "Gran Turismo Inyección" (Gran Turismo Injection)
French (NOA) Intrépide II ("Intrépide" being the French name of the B Dasher) Intrepid II
French (NOE) Intrépide II Intrepid II ("Intrépide" being the French name of the B Dasher)
German Glory Glory
Italian Glory Glory
Korean 뉴B대시
Nyu B Daesi
New B Dash


  • Diddy Kong, Bowser Jr., and the Male Mii are the only drivers not to use the color white for the body's color scheme. Diddy Kong's is orange. Bowser Jr.'s is dark green, and the Male Mii's is black. Additionally, the Female Mii is the only driver to use creamy white (a shade of the color white) for the body's color scheme while the rest use the standard white.
  • Daisy's Sprinter can surpass the Spear's default speed by one point.