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MKWcardpack.jpeg Mario Kart Wii trading card tin.
Three different packs of Mario Kart Wii trading cards,
and a trading card tin.

Mario Kart Wii trading cards were released to celebrate the release of Mario Kart Wii. Trading card packs additionally included tattoos called FunTats.

Card list[edit]

Regular cards[edit]


Set List No. Image Name Description
#1 The Mario Kart Wii Baby Mario trading card. Baby Mario "Baby Mario may be a small, but he can make good things happen in a Kart. He's got things buckled down in the Lightweight division, and this is not his first foray 'round the track'. Whether he is drifting on his custom Bullet Bike, or speeding to victory in his Blue Falcon, this little imp should not be underestimated!"
#2 Mario Kart Wii trading card of Koopa Troopa. Koopa Troopa "Sporting a custom made-to-order shell, Koopa Troopa is a persistent force in the Mushroom Kingdom, tearing up the Mario Kart tracks. He may be part of the Lightweight division, but he's no baby, baby. Whether he's shooting the shell or peeling out on a banana, he's ready to compete!"
#3 Baby Peach trading card Baby Peach "This is a classic example of what happens when you wander too close to the Mario Kart pits...they turn you into a driver, even if you're a baby princess! It's the first time Baby Peach has taken the wheel of a bubblegum pink Kart. She seems to love racing, and her playful spirit make her a joy to have on the tracks... (that is, until she leaves other racers in dust.)"
#4 Mario Kart Wii trading card of Toad. Toad "Toad has plenty of 'shroom vroom' when he takes to the track. He's ready to build his racing reputation in Toads Factory. A little hard work and mud won't put a damper on his chances, especially if he's got the Tiny Titan and Magikruiser unlocked and at his disposal."
#5 Mario Kart Wii trading card of Mario. Mario "Here we go! Mario is ready to put the pedal to the metal. He's a Middle-weight driver with plenty of drive. Take a spin as Mario with custom matched red and blue Karts and Bikes. Mario Circuit, his signature course, will take you around the castle grounds. Don't let the Goombas and Chain Chomps spoil your visit."
#6 Mario Kart Wii trading card for Luigi. Luigi "'Luigi win! Luigi Number one!' Watch out for Mario's brother because he is revved up and ready to use Mini-Turbos with his custom green & blue Karts and Bikes. Don't expect Luigi to team up with anyone on the track this time however. He's done riding shotgun and gearing up for the win!"
#7 Mario Kart Wii trading card of Princess Peach. Peach "The ubiquitous heroine of the Mushroom Kingdom and favorite princess-in-pink, Peach has often found herself in the middle of a struggle between Mario and Bowser. But on the Mario Kart Wii tracks, this princess is all about putting the pedal to the metal and feeling the wind in her hair!"
#8 Mario Kart Wii trading card of Yoshi. Yoshi "Not mean, very green, so cute and a little less lean, Yoshi is a driving machine in the Middleweight division. It's fair to say he's big on racing, seeing Yoshi has been in every Mario Kart game. It's not surprising that Yoshi loves the Yoshi Falls track—maybe it has something to do with that big egg."
#9 Mario Kart Wii trading card of Wario. Wario "What sort of dastardly shenanigans can we expect from hot-tempered Wario this time around? This arch villain is up to no good no matter where he is! This Heavyweight is not too heavy to use his Mini-Turbo boosts to quickly reach top speed, so check your rear-view...often!"
#10 Mario Kart Wii trading card of Waluigi. Waluigi "He's got the nose for when to make his move, and his purple passion for winning is always in fashion. Waluigi may look tall and lean, but he's in the Heavyweight division driving some dream machines—chopping it up on a well built Wario Bike, or heading off-road on the flashy Phantom."
#11 Mario Kart Wii trading card for Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong "Donkey Kong, sporting a red tie and an appetite for speed, is a really heavy Heavyweight. But rest assured—size doesn't slow him down. This ape wouldn't miss a chance to throw down on the tracks, especially on the oh-so-treacherous DK Summit!"
#12 Mario Kart Wii trading card of Bowser Bowser "A.K.A. "King of the Koopas," Bowser is the persistent thorn in Mario's side. The proverbial fly in his ointment, if you will. He's now outdone himself with a newly designed track in his castle. Lava, flames, cannonballs and spiked Thwomps--the stuff dreams are made of..."
#13 Mario Kart Wii trading card for Dry Bones. Dry Bones "A ghoulish version of Koopa Troopa, Dry Bones is an obvious Lightweight and he graces you with his presence in Mario Kart Wii, but you have to jump through some hoops to unlock him. If you're into boosting your way around the tracks with Mini-Turbos, you can't go wrong with the speedy Dry Bones in your Kart!"
#14 Baby Daisy trading card Baby Daisy "Baby Daisy has her binkie and a need for speed as she makes her Mario Kart Wii debut. Bringing this bubbly bambina out of hiding means that you're spending some quality time. Once you unlock her, hold on to your crown because this little toddler has a speed bonus! She has just the right amount of spunk and attitude—her mom must be so proud!"
#15 Mario Kart Wii trading card of Toadette. Toadette "This adored tiny Toad is back tearing up the tracks! It's hard to pick which is cuter: Toadette or her custom rides! Don't dismiss her as fluff, though—she is not 'all show and no go'. You have to do some serious driving to unlock her, and she does well off-road, which makes her a good choice for tight tracks."
#16 Baby Luigi trading card. Baby Luigi "'Uh oh, Baby Weegie time.' This Lightweight is ready to show us what he is made of! If you work hard, you can unlock this lovable tot and his green & blue rides. Accomplishing that task is well worth the effort, because Baby Luigi offers a good dose of the thing that you can't get enough of in this game: Speed Bonus!"
#17 Mario Kart Wii trading card for Diddy Kong. Diddy Kong "Middleweight madness ensues as Diddy Kong brings his fun & lighthearted spirit to Mario Kart Wii. He is always happy to be hanging with his buddy, Donkey Kong. Diddy is locked initially, but is relatively easy to unlock. So do it quickly, because he is one fun driver!"'
#18 Mario Kart Wii trading card for Daisy. Daisy "This tomboy Princess feels right at home shedding her dress for a biker suit in Mario Kart Wii. You will find that Daisy is not afraid of getting her gloves dirty—if you take the steps necessary to unlock this alluring racer. Try Daisy when setting your sights on breaking Time Trial records—she's really fast!"
#19 Bowser Jr.'s Mario Kart Wii trading card Bowser Jr. "With his fiery red ponytail blowin' in the wind, Bowser Jr. is no longer riding shotgun in Mario Kart Wii. One of Bowser's favorite minions, this little troublemaker is now in the driver seat and can provide quite a challenge for any player. If you're ready for some fun, unlock this Koopa and hold on."
#20 The Mario Kart Wii Birdo trading card Birdo "With a blazing red bow and custom purple Karts and Bikes for her to choose from, Birdo is in her glory. She is no stranger to the tracks, and she must know the Dry Dry Ruins like the back of her...diamond ring. Curious fact: Birdo is the only Driver in the game who isn't used as a Staff Ghost."
#21 Mario Kart Wii trading card of Rosalina. Rosalina "We first met Rosalina in Super Mario Galaxy. This Princess is loved by all Luma. Now, she's hitting the racetrack (with Luma in tow) as the first female Heavyweight ever—which adds her little touch of 'star' quality. Rosalina is very special as evidenced by the effort required to unlock."
#22 Mario Kart Wii trading card for King Boo. King Boo "Normally deriving power from smaller Boos that surround him, King Boo goes solo in Mario Kart Wii. We're not sure how he operates his Kart, but you'll quickly find out if he has fine motor skills-he'll likely be one of the first drivers that you unlock."
#23 Mario Kart Wii trading card for Dry Bowser. Dry Bowser "Is this the result of Bowser taking a lava bath? Dry Bowser knows how to turn on the boost juice with effective Mini-Turbos and excellent Off-Road handling. Unlock him if you're on a tight track & like to go fast!"
#24 Mario Kart Wii trading card for Funky Kong. Funky Kong "Funky Kong spends much of his time hanging out with the likes of Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. You can hang out with this cool ape too, if you accept the arduous challenge to unlock him. Take note: Funky Kong drives like a mad monkey, so he's worth the effort."


Set List No. Image Name Description Game Tip!
#25 The Banana card from the Mario Kart Wii trading cards Banana "A delicious fruit and a great source of potassium, the single Banana is, simply, good for you. But this is Mario Kart Wii we're talking about and there are no edible bananas here...only the slippery Banana peel that you and your racing rivals can toss out on the track. If your Kart or Bike touches a Banana you won't peel out, you'll spin out. That, of course, leads to longer lap times." "When tossing a Banana out in front of your vehicle, be aware of where it lands. You don't want to be the recipient of your own nefarious tactics."
#26 The POW Block card from the Mario Kart Wii trading cards POW Block "The POW Block isn't a new concept within the Mushroom Kingdom (think Mario Bros.), but it is a brand new item for the Mario Kart series. If you're lucky enough to get this item, activate it and the POW Block appears over the heads of all other racers. When it disappears after about 5 seconds...POW! Everyone (but you) spins out and stops, allowing you to gain some ground." "The POWerful effects of this dangerous item can be avoided. The secret is that you have to be off the ground when the POW Block unleashes its power."
#27 The Item Box card from the Mario Kart Wii trading cards Item Box "Usually found strung out in a single line across the track, Item Boxes contain all of the Power-Ups, offensive and defensive items that make the Mario Kart series so interesting and enjoyable. From Bananas to Bob-ombs, don't miss your chance to hit an Item Box because you're definitely going to want what's inside. And if you use the Items to your advantage, they'll help you win!" "Item Boxes aren't always found in obvious locations. On some tracks you'll find them being pulled behind moving objects. Grab them anywhere you can!"
#28 The Fake Item Box card from the Mario Kart Wii trading cards Fake Item Box "Deception. That's what the Fake Item Box is all about. It looks remarkably like a real Item Box except that the question mark inside of it is upside down. Many a racer has found out the hard way about the treachery of the Fake Item Box and those who drop them. But like the saying goes, it's always better to give than to receive. Words to live by when playing Mario Kart Wii, for sure." "Carefully drop a Fake Item Box within a cluster of other Item Boxes or directly behind a real Item Box so your rivals will run into it and crash."
#29 The Triple Green Shells card from the Mario Kart Wii trading cards Triple Green Shells "A powered-up form of the single Green Shell, when activated, the Triple Green Sells form somewhat of a protective barrier around your vehicle helping you fend off attacks. Then they can be fired, one by one or in rapid succession, forward or backward depending on your needs. A Kart or Bike that comes into contact with a Green Shell will crash and come to a complete stop." "Activate the Triple Green Shell item as soon as possible. The three Green Shells will protect your vehicle AND you'll be able to pick up another item."
#30 Bullet Bill from the Mario Kart Wii trading cards Bullet Bill "Like a big rocket ship blasting off toward the front of the pack, an activated Bullet Bill item transforms your vehicle into this black bullet and propels you forward at an alarming rate of speed. Racers in front of you should try to get out of the way because Bullet Bill will plow right through them without bothering to say "Excuse me." Try to follow Bullet Bill if you can." "Though it might not seem like it, you have limited steering control of Bullet Bill. Stick to the middle of the track to pass racers in front of you."
#31 The Triple Red Shells card from the Mario Kart Wii trading cards Triple Red Shells "There is a single Red Shell item, but this is three times as good! Triple Red Shells form a protective barrier around your vehicle helping you to fend off attacks. Then they can be fired, one by one or in rapid succession, forward or backward depending on your needs. The difference between Green and Red Shells is that Red Shells will hone in on the closest rival racer." "It's usually best not to fire off all three Red Shells in succession. It only takes one to crash an opponent. Save the other two for someone else."
#32 The Spiny Shell card from the Mario Kart Wii trading cards Spiny Shell "A Spiny Shell won't show up in your Item Window unless you're WAY behind the leader. When activated, the dangerous Spiny Shell zooms off toward the leader and when it locates its target...WHAM! The leader is toast. Like any explosion, sometimes there is collateral damage. In Mario Kart that means other racers may feel the Spiny Shell's wrath by getting caught in the blast, too!" "If you're holding a Spiny Shell and are right behind the leader, don't use it. Back off before you launch it or you might get caught in the blast."
#33 The Bob-omb card from the Mario Kart Wii trading cards Bob-omb "Bob-omb, like other projectile items, can be tossed out in front of your vehicle and it can be dropped behind you, as well. When it lands it will tick for a couple of seconds and then unleash its explosive payload on those unfortunate enough to be near it. If tossed or dropped and it hits another racer or another object, it will explode on contact. Talk about having a short fuse!" "If another racer is drafting behind your Kart or Bike and you happen to pick up a Bob-omb, be sure to have them say hello to your little friend."
#34 Blooper trading card. Blooper "Of all the items in the game that can be used offensively, the Blooper is the most unique. Its effects won't directly cause any Karts or Bikes to crash. Instead, it coats all racers in front of you with a blinding ink. the effects last for about 7.5 seconds and will hopefully slow those racers down in the process. Did you know that you can dissipate the ink by using a Mushroom?" "Try to use the Blooper item when racers in front of you are entering a particularly tricky section of the track. It'll make it even harder for them."
#35 The Lightning card from the Mario Kart Wii trading cards Lightning "Unleashing a Lightning strike will zap your opponents of both size and speed, which will give you a giant advantage. Keep Lightning in the can as a brilliant defense move on your last lap, the impact of a bolt will damage them for a full ten seconds. And, while they are spinning into tiny oblivion, you'll be revving your way to victory." "STORM WARNING: being on the receiving end of a Lightning attack could fry your chances to win."
#36 The Lightning Cloud card from the Mario Kart Wii trading cards Lightning Cloud "The Lightning Cloud can be thought of as an unwanted gift, if you will. Unlike other items, you may not necessarily want this item to show up in your Item Window. When you pick it up it activates immediately and there's nothing you can do about it. Granted, it increases your speed and stability, but when its effects runs out you'll shrink down as you would when hit with Lightning." "If the Lightning Cloud appears overhead, quickly bump into the nearest Kart or Bike and the Lightning Cloud will be transferred to that vehicle!"
#37 The Super Star card from the Mario Kart Wii trading cards Star "Invincibility. That's what the power of the Star item will grant you when you are lucky enough to receive one from an Item Box and activate it. You'll be able to blow right through your rivals, your Speed will increase and the handling characteristics of your Kart or Bike will be so enhanced that you'll feel like the world (or at least the Mushroom Kingdom) is in your hands." "Activating a Star near the end of the race is a great tactic. If you're leading, you'll fend off all attacks. If trailing, you'll gain ground for sure!"
#38 The Mega Mushroom card from the Mario Kart Wii trading cards Mega Mushroom "The Mega Mushroom is a new item this time around in the Mario Kart series.. When activated, you and your vehicle will become super-sized for about 10 seconds and will be immune to all attacks from other racers..except those wielding Star power, Bullet Bill, or Lightning. Wile under the influence of Mega Mushroom power you can run over your rivals and flatten them like a pancake!" "If you have a Mega Mushroom & you think another racer is going to uncork Lightning, use the Mega Mushroom and you'll only shrink to normal size."
#39 Mario Kart Wii trading card of the Triple Mushroom. Triple Mushrooms "Triple Mushrooms are a great find! Instead of the 1.5 second boost you get from a single Mushroom, if timed correctly you can get up to a 4.5 second boost of speed. Perfect for those times when you can cut through corners by going through an off-track infield area. Instead of slowing down because you've gone off the track, you boost right through the rough stuff and back onto the track." "Be aware of WHEN you use each of the Triple Mushrooms. Use one too soon after another and you'll sacrifice some of the benefit of the one in effect."
#40 Golden Mushroom Trading Card Golden Mushroom "Golden Mushrooms generally show up in the Item Windows of racers near the back of the pack. It's an awesome tool for those unfortunate enough to be in that position as they can use it to catch up to those in front. Unlike other Mushrooms, however, you can tap the Item Button as many times as you'd like to maximize tour boost. Be sure to cut corners where possible with this item." "The prolonged boost of speed is great when using the power of the Golden Mushroom, but don't forget that you still have to navigate the sharp turns!"


Set List No. Image Name Description Tips from Pit Row
#41 The Tiny Titan card from the Mario Kart Wii trading cards Tiny Titan "The strengths of this ride are its Off-Road and Handling characteristics. Give this mini monster machine a try on tight tracks where you'll be spending time "in the rough," or as we call it with the Tiny Titan, "the fun stuff."" "The Tiny Titan is a good choice for novice racers who may be unfamiliar with certain tracks. The big tires help you quickly get back on course."
#42 Baby Peach Mario Kart Wii trading card. Booster Seat "A baby buggy on the race track!? Starting 'em young! The Booster Seat definitely belongs in the Lightweight category. Expect strong stats in Acceleration and Handling with lower numbers in Speed and Weight categories." "There's a trade-off to consider with the Booster Seat. It's very quick, but it doesn't stand a chance when "trading paint" with other Karts—avoid mashing!"
#43 The Sprinter card from the Mario Kart Wii trading cards Sprinter "The Sprinter is one of the fastest Karts available in the game. Fast? Yes. But can it cut a corner? Not so much. Things have a way of "evening out" in Mario Kart Wii. This Kart exemplifies the pros and cons of the stat bonuses." "The Sprinter's top speed is awesome, but it isn't always very nimble. This Kart is best for long straight-aways and tracks that do not have a lot of tight turns."
#44 Mario Kart Wii trading card for Daytripper. Daytripper "Want a Kart that can blast-off quickly, handles great, and enjoys a nice Mini-Turbo boost? Not concerned about top speed or futuristic aerodynamics? Then Daytripper is the "Dream Sleeper" for you." "If racing against a novice opponent, use the Daytriper to your advantage. It'll get the job done surprisingly well."
#45 The Piranha Prowler card from the Mario Kart Wii trading cards Piranha Prowler "Heavyweight Kart racers (& those who love them—you know who you are) are a special breed and they gravitate toward a certain type of vehicle. Piranha Prowler is that kind of Kart and it'll let you throw your weight around!" "Love a smash-em-up, full contact style of racing? This one's for you! Give the Piranha Prowler a go as it's one of the heaviest Karts in the game."
#46 The Flame Flyer card from the Mario Kart Wii trading cards Flame Flyer "It's a muscle car revival! Who can deny the awesome presence of a blower popping out of the hood? The Flame Flyer packs very high levels for Speed and Weight, with lower levels for Acceleration and Handling stats." "Use Mini-Turbos as often as you can with the Flame Flyer. They will help overcome the lower Acceleration stats of this heavy metal ride."
#47 The Magikruiser card from the Mario Kart Wii trading cards Magikruiser "Maybe Magikoopa misfired on a spell and turned himself into a Bike? Whatever the case, the Magikruiser is a good choice for Time Trials because of its balanced stat characteristics and great Off-Road capabilities." "The Magikruiser is a fairly well-balanced ride. Take this bike for a ride when on a track where shortcuts are possible. Use the Mushroom power!"
#48 The Jet Bubble card from the Mario Kart Wii trading cards Jet Bubble "The Babies may find this balanced ride to be just the buggy they're looking for. The Jet Bubble may not blow the doors off the competition, but it won't leave you eating the dust either. And, it's a cool-lookin' Bike!" "Looking for an advantage in a line up of Lightweight Bikes? Wonder which has the slight edge in Speed & Handling? Look no further than the Jet Bubble."
#49 The Sneakster card from the Mario Kart Wii trading cards Sneakster "If you take a look at the Sneakster's stats you'll notice one thing: awesome top Speed. Naturally, that Speed comes at a high cost, as all the other categories have far lower stats..." "Got a Time Trial Ghost that you're trying to beat on a track that you've got dialed in? Give the speedy Sneakster a spin."
#50 The Dolphin Dasher card from the Mario Kart Wii trading cards Dolphin Dasher "If cute was a category, the Dolphin Dasher would be in the top spot. Instead, its Off-Road capabilities are really its best attribute. Just don't try to get too fancy with drifting—you might run into something or even roll 'er!" "Pick up and use Mushrooms to stun your rivals with the Dolphin Dasher. You'll find some good shortcuts too because it excels in Off-Road situations."
#51 The Shooting Star card from the Mario Kart Wii trading cards Shooting Star "To a novice racer, the benefits of drifting may be a bit elusive. But once you understand how drifting effectively sets up Mini-Turbos, you'll appreciate how the Shooting Star excels in this important stat category!" "The Shooting Star is an excellent choice if you're shooting to knock down some best times in Time Trial mode. Drifting and Mini-Turbos are the key!"
#52 The Phantom card from the Mario Kart Wii trading cards Phantom "Most of the Phantom's stat categories are in the winning column. When you can hold your own in a Kart mash-up and pull away quickly with Mini-Turbos & Acceleration power, you've got a strong winner!" "If you like Heavyweights, but aren't into drifting, the Phantom will likely be a good choice for you. It's well balanced in all stats except Drift."


Set List No. Image Name Description
#53 Mario Kart Wii trading card of the Mushroom Cup. Mushroom Cup "Long-time Mario Kart fans may experience déjà vu when checking out the first two tracks of the Mushroom Cup> Luigi Circuit looks a lot like Luigi's tracks from other Mario Kart games and Moo Moo Meadows harkens back to Moo Moo Farm. But rest assured, the layouts are new."
#54 The Flower Cup card from the Mario Kart Wii trading cards Flower Cup "Talk about a diverse set of tracks; the tracks that make up the Flower Cup must be located at the four corners of the Mushroom Kingdom! The layouts are great for developing your skills and the surroundings will keep you interested while you look for ways to reduce your lap times."
#55 Mario Kart Wii trading card of the Star Cup. Star Cup "The action REALLY starts to heat up when you tackle the Star Cup. Four new tracks will test your racing mettle. Daisy Circuit is a very scenic track, while the others (Koopa Cape, Maple Treeway, and Grumble Volcano) offer up some serious challenges and difficult racing conditions."
#56 Mario Kart Wii trading card of the Special Cup. Special Cup "Two Special Cup tracks, Bowser's Castle and Rainbow Road, have been Special Cup stalwarts. This time around the names may be the same, but the layouts are new & improved—and they're no cakewalk. In fact, these could be some of the most difficult tracks in Mario Kart Wii."
#57 The Shell Cup card from the Mario Kart Wii trading cards Shell Cup "The first of four Retro Cups, the Shell Cup is made up of four great blasts from the past. One track from GameCube, one from DS, one from Super NES, and one from N64. It's a great mix, and they all get a face lift with the graphics boost in Mario Kart Wii."
#58 The Lightning Cup card from the Mario Kart Wii trading cards Banana Cup "The Retro Cup racing festival peels off four challenging drives with the Banana Cup. It consists of one track from N64, one from Game Boy Advance, one from DS and one from GameCube...all with somewhat challenging levels of difficulty for Grand Prix or Time Trials competition."
#59 The Leaf Cup card from the Mario Kart Wii trading cards Leaf Cup "The Leaf Cup takes us back to some tracks that are definitely fan favorites. Go retro while you find shortcuts at DS Desert Hills, avoid the giant Thwomps at GBA Bowser Castle 3, blast over the river at N64 DK's Jungle Parkway, and fake out the Chain Chomp at GCN Mario Circuit."
#60 The Lightning Cup card from the Mario Kart Wii trading cards Lightning Cup "You'll be glad to see that all four tracks in the Lightning Cup have made a big comeback! All feature upgraded graphics and all the fun you can handle. And two of them, GCN DK Mountain and N64 Bowser's Castle, offer up all the challenge you can handle!"


Set List No. Image Name Description
#61 The Moo Moo Meadows card from the Mario Kart Wii trading cards Moo Moo Meadows "The peaceful grassy vistas. The meandering trails. The whimsical fence line. The... HEY! Who left the gate open? Moo Moo Meadows may not be a difficult track, but there are plenty of distractions to slow you down. Use Mini-Turbos or other speed-enhancing items to find shortcuts through the grassy areas."
#62 The Mushroom Gorge card from the Mario Kart Wii trading cards Mushroom Gorge "Get ready for some precision mushroom-bouncing action on this track! Upon entering the cavern, staying to the right seems to be the path most racers will travel. However, taking the path to the left will surely allow you to get a better shot at scoring a useful item from the plentiful Item Boxes."
#63 The Mario Circuit card from the Mario Kart Wii trading cards Mario Circuit "The grounds around Princess Peach's castle have changed over the years. Now there's a track built around them that Mario has taken a liking to. The layout is fairly standard...right turns, left turns, straightaway...and repeat. Watch out for Chain Chomp as you round the last right turn!"
#64 The Wario's Gold Mine card from the Mario Kart Wii trading cards Wario's Gold Mine "Quite an operation Wario has here. It looks really dangerous, too. But that just makes for better racing action! Watch out for gold-filled mine carts on the tracks-you don't want to run into them. You also don't want to fall off the edge of the track...and there are plenty of opportunities for that to happen."
#65 The Maple Treeway card from the Mario Kart Wii trading cards Maple Treeway "Maple Treeway is a track that offers a vast array of terrain. There are tricky turns and a plethora of pesky obstacles and baddies for you and your rivals to navigate and avoid. Watch out for the piles of leaves as they will make your race miserable if you make contact with one of them."
#66 The Grumble Volcano card from the Mario Kart Wii trading cards Grumble Volcano "The racing can really heat up when battling it out at Grumble Volcano. Lakitu is always busy fishing racers out of the lava beds that line this course. There are many opportunities for mishaps here so watch who you're bumping into. And be sure to watch out for the sections of track that fall away."
#67 The Moonview Highway card from the Mario Kart Wii trading cards Moonview Highway "Obstacles are one thing, but moving obstacles provide an entirely new level of danger and challenge. And there are plenty obstacles to be found along the Moonview Highway. But the race is on and you've got to get out there and battle the traffic as you try to be the first to the finish line!"
#68 The Rainbow Road card from the Mario Kart Wii trading cards Rainbow Road "The layout of Rainbow Road has changed over the years as it has appeared in a variety of incarnations; the challenge factor has always been high. It's a long track with plenty of opportunities to fall off into space. In Mario Kart Wii, at least one of those opportunities can become a shortcut if you play it right."
#69 The N64 Mario Raceway card from the Mario Kart Wii trading cards N64 Mario Raceway "Certainly one of Mario's favorite stomping grounds, N64 Mario Raceway makes another appearance on the Mario Kart circuit. May not be an overly difficult track, but it's definitely one that has a lot of opportunities to define, practice and refine your driving strategies. You should be boosting out of every turn."
#70 The GBA Shy Guy Beach card from the Mario Kart Wii trading cards GBA Shy Guy Beach "Here's a track where Bikes have a definite advantage over Karts. Why? The wheelie factor. When you wheelie with a Bike you can maintain a faster speed through the water. And if you want to reduce your lap times, you're going to be spending a lot of quality time zipping through the waves."
#71 The DS Desert Hills card from the Mario Kart Wii trading cards DS Desert Hills "Desert Hills is not a very difficult course to get around, but it provides a perfect canvas for you to paint a racing masterpiece upon. Spend time on this track dialing in your cornering techniques. Be sure to use Mushrooms (if you've got them) to blast over the tall dunes before the start/finish line."
#72 The N64 Bowser's Castle card from the Mario Kart Wii trading cards N64 Bowser's Castle "It's especially important to have great cornering skills for a track like N64 Bowser's Castle. Most of the corners are tight and if you cut them too close you'll run into a wall. Avoid the fire-breathing Bowser Statue in one of the courtyards by boosting through the grassy area. It's a nice shortcut."

Tips & Trivia[edit]

  • 73. Start Your Engines
  • 74. Carve that Corner
  • 75. Double Up!
  • 76. A Fall-Behind Strategy
  • 77. So Many Strategic Decisions!
  • 78. Avoid the Draded Spiny Shell!
  • 79. Short Circuit Show-Off
  • 80. Time Trial Tactics
  • 81. Wheelie Power!
  • 82. Look Out Behind You!
  • 83. It's Drafty In Here!
  • 84. Shell Avoidance
  • 85. Speed Combos!
  • 86. Tricks For Treats!
  • 87. Recovery Boost!
  • 88. Time For Shortcuts!
  • 89. Become A Drift-King!
  • 90. Lakitu: The Unsung Hero

Deluxe Sticker Cards[edit]

  • S1. Mario
  • S2. Luigi
  • S3. Baby Mario
  • S4. Baby Peach
  • S5. Bowser
  • S6. Donkey Kong
  • S7. Koopa Troopa
  • S8. Peach
  • S9. Waluigi
  • S10. Wario
  • S11. Yoshi
  • S12. Toad


  • T1. Mario & Bob-omb
  • T2. Mario in Standard Kart M
  • T3. Lightning Cloud
  • T4. Mega Mushroom
  • T5. Bob-Omb
  • T6. Bullet Bill
  • T7. Koopa Troopa
  • T8. Mario
  • T9. Mario and Luigi
  • T10. Donkey Kong
  • T11. Toad
  • T12. Yoshi
  • T13. Mario
  • T14. Peach

Foil Cards[edit]

  • F1. Baby Mario
  • F2. Koopa Troopa
  • F3. Baby Peach
  • F4. Toad
  • F5. Mario
  • F6. Luigi
  • F7. Peach
  • F8. Yoshi
  • F9. Wario
  • F10. Waluigi
  • F11. Donkey Kong
  • F12. Bowser
  • F13. Dry Bones
  • F14. Baby Daisy
  • F15. Toadette
  • F16. Baby Luigi
  • F17. Diddy Kong
  • F18. Daisy
  • F19. Bowser Jr.
  • F20. Birdo
  • F21. Rosalina
  • F22. King Boo
  • F23. Dry Bowser
  • F24. Funky Kong
  • F25. Golden Mushroom


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