Super Mario Bros. Stamps

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Super Mario Bros. Stamps may have little use outside of Japan, but they are available as a collector's item by import.

Super Mario Bros. Stamps are a set of Japanese postal stamps that featured sprites from the famous Super Mario Bros. game. While they were not accepted as postage outside of Japan, anyone outside of the nation interested in them as a collector’s item will be charged 3,150 Yen (about $25 USD) in addition to import fees. The set was first released at the end of May, 2007.


The stamp set appeared to have been developed with the stamp collector or hardcore Super Mario Bros. fan in mind. Each set came in its own hardcover booklet. The cover featured a large Mario sprite and three Coin sprites as well. Also, the inside cover featured a visual synopsis of the game’s ending. Each stamp sheet featured the same ten stamps, five red and five blue. Additionally, the set has a montage scene of the events of Super Mario Bros. at the top.

Sprites Featured[edit]

From left to right, the characters and items on the stamps are as followed.

First Row[edit]

Second Row[edit]