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The Super Mario series Happy Meal toys that were available from July 24, 2018 until August 20, 2018

A Happy Meal is a kids' meal sold at the American fast food chain McDonald's. The Happy Meals usually have a tie-in promotion of a franchise with a toy relating to the promotion. The Happy Meal box is also designed after the thing it is promoting and sometimes includes activities on it. The Mario franchise has had tie-in releases as early as Super Mario Bros. 3.



Super Mario Bros. 3 (August 1990)[edit]

The four tie-in Super Mario Bros. 3 Happy Meal toys, as shown in an official commercial

The Super Mario Bros. 3 promotion took place in August 1990, and it was Nintendo's first tie-in with a fast food restaurant.[1] One of four possible toys were included in a Happy Meal, each being specifically named and numbered:

  1. Mario - A figurine based on Raccoon Mario which bounces up if pushed down.
  2. Luigi - A figurine where Luigi sitting on a cloud and holding up a Starman. By pulling it back, user can move the toy around.
  3. Little Goomba - A Goomba figurine that hops when it is pressed down. It could be a Microgoomba toy due to the word "little" in its title and because ordinary Goombas cannot jump.
  4. Koopa Paratroopa - A toy of Paratroopa which is also capable of hopping.

There is a fifth toy of a Raccoon Mario, which was specifically designed for children younger than three. They were not packaged inside Happy Meals, and one could only be provided if it was specifically requested for a child who was younger than three. Unlike the other toys, the Raccoon Mario toy is not numbered and is erroneously named "Super Mario" on the included paper slip.

Mario Kart 8 (July 2014)[edit]

The July 2014 Mario Kart 8 Happy Meal toys

From July 4-31, 2014[2], eight toys based on Mario Kart 8 were included in Happy Meals. Seven of them are racing figurines and one is a plastic Mario Cap with the Mario Kart 8 logo on it. The figurines include sticker sheets for adding character logos and other details to the karts. The racing figurines include:

Mario franchise[edit]

Take the Mario Challenge (September 2006)[edit]

The September 2006 collection of McDonald's toys, as shown in the commercial

From September 1st through September 21st, 2006,[3] there was a Mario-themed promotion for Happy Meals and Mighty Kids Meals titled Take the Mario Challenge. The promotion encouraged kids to be active and play outdoors with their included toy, which included a paper slip with a "challenge" for them to complete. Six toys were released for the promotion, and two of them are each based on a certain Mario spinoff title.

The Take the Mario Challenge was promoted on the official Happy Meal website and on a television commercial. As a part of the promotion, the Happy Meal website hosted a contest where 100 random participants would win a Nintendo DS Lite included with two Mario games.[3]

  • "Donkey Kong Banana Chaser" – A figurine of Donkey Kong capable of launching two circular objects
  • "Yoshi Tag and Run Meter" – A figurine of Yoshi that plays an A-major version of "Alpina Blue" from Yoshi's Story if it comes in contact with another object, or if the saddle is pressed
  • "Yoshi Pop and Catch" – A figurine of Yoshi that includes a miniature baseball intended to be caught in its mouth
  • "Mario Throw and Catch" – A toy based on Mario Pinball Land that shows Mario winking in his pinball form
  • "Mario Swing and Hit" – A toy modeled after Mario's Iron Hammer move from Mario Power Tennis
  • "Donkey Kong Throw and Go Spinner" – A green frisbee with artwork of Donkey Kong centered on the spinning yellow plastic part

February-April 2014[edit]

The figure of Mario in a Warp Pipe from the wave

A wave of eight Mario-themed toys were included in McDonald's Happy Meals in Europe between February and April 2014.

  • A basic Luigi figure
  • A basic Luigi figure in a different pose
  • A figure of Mario with a Brick Block and Coin
  • A figure of Mario in a Warp Pipe
  • A figure of a Super Mushroom
  • A figure of Princess Peach stood in front of an archway
  • A figure of Toad sat down
  • A basic Yoshi figure

December 2016[edit]

The December 2016 set of the Super Mario Happy Meal toys

A line of eight Mario figures were included in Happy Meals in China in December 2016.[4]

  • A Mario figure
  • A Mario figure that jumps up to hit a ? Block and makes a Super Star appear
  • A Princess Peach figure holding a parasol
  • A Bowser figure in a Koopa Clown Car
  • A Luigi figure on a cloud that spins around
  • A sitting Yoshi figure with a Yoshi's Egg pull string
  • A Toad figure that waves its arms up and down
  • A Boo figure that was its tongue when pushed along

April-May 2017[edit]

The April-May 2017 set of the Super Mario Happy Meal toys

A wave of eight Super Mario-branded toys were included in McDonald's Happy Meals in April through May 2017.

  • A basic Mario figurine
  • Yoshi (able to extend and retract his tongue by pressing a button on his saddle)
  • Bowser (plastic fire can be inserted into his mouth and ejected by pressing a button on his back)
  • Peach with a background (Peach spins around as the toy moves)
  • A Red Shell (can be moved similarly to a toy car)
  • Luigi with a yellow Warp Pipe (Luigi can be inserted and ejected from the pipe)
  • Invincible Mario (flicking the switch on the toy's base lights the toy up in a number of colors)
  • A 1-Up Mushroom (makes the 1-Up sound from Super Mario 3D Land when a switch is flicked)

July-August 2018[edit]

Nintendo released another wave of Super Mario-branded toys starting from July 30, 2018 through August 20, 2018.[5] One of eight toys were included in the Happy Meal:

  • A Yoshi (roulette toy)
  • A New Super Mario Bros. U-themed maze toy (has two sides)
  • Mario (toy slot machine)
  • Rubix cube (with miniature cards, one is to rearrange the blocks to match up with the design, which includes a; brick block, a musical note block, a ? block, an empty block, and a purple, green, red, and blue block that features on each of their sides an icon based on Mario characters; purple having a Goomba, a Blooper, a Boo, a Bullet Bill, and Bowser; Blue having a POW Block; Red having Mario, a Toad, Luigi, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, and Peach; and Green having a Mushroom, a Fire Flower, a Yoshi's Egg, a Super Star, and a Koopa Shell)
  • Fire Luigi (comes with a cutout Goomba and Koopa Troopa, where the left arm acts as the firing mechanism to launch a disc representing the fireball)
  • Running Yoshi (Yoshi can be inserted into a launcher and ejected, with a pik representing an egg and fruit acting as stoppers)
  • Super Mario Bros.-themed pointer game (flicking the switch on the toy's base will have a Koopa shell being launched and fall into any of the designated points, with the leftmost bit awarding 10 points, the middle being 50, and the rightmost bit awarding 100 points)
  • A Mario and Cappy target game (twist Mario around to have him "throw" Cappy onto a target icon depicting Goombas and coins)


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