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Logo of Jakks Pacific since 2011

Jakks Pacific is an American toy company. It was founded in 1995 by Jack Friedman, who had also previously founded the video game companies LJN and THQ. They are known for producing a wide variety of licensed toys and other consumer products, including the World of Nintendo, Super Mario, and Pokémon toylines.

Licensed Super Mario products[edit]

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World of Nintendo[edit]

Main article: World of Nintendo

World of Nintendo was a line of plush toys and action figures introduced in 2014. It included characters from several Nintendo franchises. It was later rebranded into the Super Mario line in 2018, focusing solely on the Super Mario franchise.

Super Mario[edit]

Super Mario is the successor to the World of Nintendo line. Introduced in 2018, it focuses entirely on the Super Mario franchise. Products released under this line include action figures, plushes, and playsets.

Mario Kart[edit]

A line of toys with the Mario Kart branding was also introduced after the rebrand of the World of Nintendo line.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie[edit]

A line promoting The Super Mario Bros. Movie was released on February 26, 2023.[1] It includes action figures, poseable plushes, pull-back and remote control karts, and playsets.





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