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Mario on the cover of a Trading Card Treats package.

Trading Card Treats was a series of trading cards released by Impel and the National Safe Kids Campaign in October 1991. Each bag contained 24 packs of cards, which had three cards each. Of the 36 cards, the Super Mario franchise was featured on four of them.[1][2]

Trading cards featuring Mario[edit]

Image Description
One of the four Trading Card Treats featuring the Super Mario franchise. Mario: "This is a steep stairway, boys and girls, and I need to climb it safely. (It's the only way to reach the World of Dreams!) If I had my plumbing tools, I'd rig-up some handrails and hold on to them all the way to the top. But I guess I'll just have to do the next best thing: go slowly, and take one step at a time."
One of the four Trading Card Treats featuring the Super Mario franchise. Raccoon Mario flies from the Mushroom Kingdom with Bowser and all his little Koopalings close behind. But look—there are lots of other enemies pursuing Mario, as well! How many can you find? (Certainly some Green Koopa Troopas, a few Bloopers, and some Green Koopa Paratroopas.) The enemies don't know it yet, but Mario is only a decoy: it's Luigi, who's escaping from the Mushroom Kingdom with Princess Toadstool. Hurray for Mario and Luigi!
One of the four Trading Card Treats featuring the Super Mario franchise. As Luigi rushes up the stairs of King Bowser's castle, Raccoon Mario lures the boat load of Koopas away. Can you name all the Koopalings? There's Larry (the youngest), Morton (the grouch), Wendy O. (the only female), Iggy (who's fast, but not too tough), Roy (who's big and burly), Lemmy (the clown prince), and Ludwig von Koopa (second in command, and a real monster). Hey, Luigi! Princess Toadstool is on the boat! You'll have to rescue her next time!
Impel trading card 04.jpg To the delight of the Mushroom People, Mario defeats the Koopa foes and rescues Princess Toadstool. A simple plumber, Mario was working in Brooklyn one day when he heard a distant voice echoing up from the pipes. It was the Princess Toadstool, imprisoned by evil King Koopa Bowser. Mario knew he could not stand by while such injustice reigned, so he leaped down the nearest manhole, was whisked to the Mushroom Kingdom, and began the work of rescuing the Princess.


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