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Wendy's logo (2012-present)
Wendy’s logo

Wendy's is an American international fast food chain. In the 2000s, it held a few Super Mario-related promotions. Every Super Mario-related promotion they have held (including a promotion for the Wii) included a lineup of five toys, one of which was included in a Kids' Meal.



Wendy's Mario Toys 2002
The lineup of Super Mario Kids' Meal toys in 2002

The first Super Mario-related promotion for Wendy's took place from September 2002 to mid-October 2002.[1] Although it was a promotion for the entire franchise, Super Mario Advance and Mario Kart: Super Circuit were the most prominent.

There were two different Wendy's Kids' Meal bags that went along with the promotion. One of them was themed entirely after Super Mario Advance four activities, two on each side of the bag, based on the game:

  • Which Key?: There are six keys, each labeled "A" through "F" and having their own shape. The goal is to find the correct key for Princess Peach to unlock the Warp Door. The "D" key matches the shape of the keyhole.
  • Race for Gold: A simple maze puzzle where Mario has to move across several bricks to reach the coins at the end. The finish area shows artwork of three Dragon Coins, which are generically named "gold coins".
  • Time for Work: A word game where the player must spell out a specific 15-letter sentence that says Mario's job. There are 15 mushroom pictures, each with one of the letters. Altogether, they form the sentence "Mario is a plumber".
  • Vegetables Only, Please: Mario and Luigi must be handed vegetables to throw at enemies. This is done by circling pictures of the vegetables: a broccoli, a carrot, corn, peas, and a cabbage. A Magic Lamp and wrench are depicted among the pictures.

The other bag had two Mario Kart: Super Circuit activities on the front and two Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2 activities on the back.


  • Super Mario Advance Board Game: A board game for 2-4 players that is themed after Super Mario Advance and, despite its name, Mario Kart: Super Circuit on the other side. The goal is to be the first player to reach the end. The board game's packaging is designed after Super Mario Advance's box art.
  • An articulated Mario action figure. It comes packaged in blister clamshell, and the packaging is designed after the Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2 box art.
  • A wind up toy of a Chomp right behind Mario. It is held in place by a green suction cup attached to a yellow string. The suction cup has a green button to lock it onto a surface. Once this is done, the user can then turn the Chomp counterclockwise and release for the toy to spin rapidly in a clockwise direction. This gives the impression that Mario is running from the Chomp.
  • A pull-back toy of Mario riding in his kart. By default, Mario's head is looking straight ahead, although his head can also move left and right.
  • A racing toy where the user can spin a red wheel on the bottom to move four karts (which are red, green, yellow, and pink respectively) within the plastic casing around a circular track. The lap line is on the right side of the race course.


Toys based on various games in the Mario series given out in Wendy's kids meals.
The lineup of Super Mario Kids' Meal toys in 2004

The most recent Wendy's promotion exclusively pertaining to the Super Mario franchise took place sometime in 2004. The five toys consisted of:

  • A toy of Mario driving the Red Fire kart, based on Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. Unlike the game, Mario is not driving with a partner.
  • A pack of collectible cards
  • An action figure of Mario
  • Mario with a mushroom parachute strapped to his back
  • A Mario Kart toy that is a red block with a screen and a Mario magnet within. A light blue game wheel takes Mario from start to finish on a segment of the track.


In 2007, Wendy's held a promotion for the Wii, which included one of five toys. Only three of the toys were Super Mario-related:


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