List of Super Mario Galaxy trading cards

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SMG TCG booster.jpg
The trading cards' booster packs
SMG card pack.jpg
A box of Super Mario Galaxy trading card packs

Super Mario Galaxy trading cards were released to celebrate the release of Super Mario Galaxy. These helped amplify the publicity of the game. Each booster pack would have two regular cards, one trivia card, one standee, and one FunTat.

Cards labeled with an asterisk (*) also feature a foil variant.

Regular cards[edit]






Trivia cards[edit]



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FunTats are special tattoos that contain a Mario character, enemy, or item on it.


  • 15 of the cards also had special foil releases.
    • When buying cards, there is a 1 out of 6 chance there will be a foil card.
  • A few of the cards have misprints in the names (Correct :: Misprint)
    • Home to Dino Piranha :: Home to Dino Pirahna
    • Baron Brrr :: Baron Brr
    • Kingfin :: Bonefin
  • The artwork on the Piranha Plant Card is actually a Prickly Piranha Plant.