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This article is about the dome from Super Mario Galaxy. For other articles with similar names, see Fountain (disambiguation).
SMG Fountain Exterior.png
Screenshot of the Fountain's exterior.
Appearance Super Mario Galaxy
Super Mario 3D All-Stars
Levels 6 (inc. Hungry Luma galaxy)
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Fountain Dome.png
Inside the Fountain.
SMG Fountain Overview.png
The Fountain galaxies.

The Fountain is a dome in Super Mario Galaxy. It is the second dome that Mario or Luigi can unlock, provided he recovers the Grand Star from Bowser Jr.'s Robot Reactor.

The exterior is made of white stones and has water spouting from the sides. The interior has blue tiles and water running through it like channels. Polari describes the dome as being very relaxing. As with all domes, the Fountain has a Pull Star in the center which is used to access its galaxies.

Bowser is the main boss of the Fountain.


SMG Fountain Dome Model.png
Galaxy Description Star(s) Unlocking criterion
SMG Screenshot Space Junk Galaxy (Pull Star Path).png
Space Junk Galaxy
This is a galaxy centered around space junk. Spoings appear prominently here. Two bosses, Kamella and Tarantox, are fought here during the second and third missions, respectively. There are platforms here that only appear when Mario is close to them, and vanish when he leaves them. Finishing the second mission of the galaxy, Kamella's Airship Attack, will make Prankster Comets appear. Smg icon powerstar.pngSmg icon powerstar.png
Smg icon powerstar.pngSmg icon speedycomet.png
Smg icon purplecomet.pngSmg icon powerstar.png
Collect nine Stars and finish Bowser Jr.'s Robot Reactor.
SMG Rolling Green End Overview.png
Rolling Green Galaxy
This is a golf course-like galaxy. A Star Ball must be carefully maneuvered to acquire the galaxy's one Star. Smg icon powerstar.png Collect eleven Stars.
SMG Battlerock Overview.png
Battlerock Galaxy
This galaxy contains many floating metallic saucers and a large Battlerock equipped with cannons. Topmen can be found here during the second and third missions. Topmaniac is fought here twice, once during normal conditions during the third mission, and once under Daredevil conditions. This is one of the three galaxies in the game to feature a Green Star mission, the other ones being Buoy Base Galaxy and Dusty Dune Galaxy. Smg icon powerstar.pngSmg icon powerstar.png
Smg icon powerstar.pngSmg icon daredevilcomet.png
Smg icon purplecomet.pngSmg icon powerstar.pngSmg icon greenstar.png
Collect twelve Stars.
SMG Screenshot Hurry-Scurry Galaxy (Shrinking Satellite).png
Hurry-Scurry Galaxy
This is a galaxy that prominently features Shrinking Tiles. Music Notes must be collected on the main planet of the galaxy to obtain the galaxy's one Star. Smg icon powerstar.png Collect eighteen Stars.
SMG Screenshot Bowser's Star Reactor (The Fiery Stronghold).png
Bowser's Star Reactor
This is the first Bowser galaxy in the game. As such, it is the first time in the game where he is fought. Smg icon grandstar.png Collect fifteen Stars.
SMG Screenshot Sling Pod Galaxy (A Sticky Situation).png
Sling Pod Galaxy
This is the Hungry Luma galaxy of the Fountain. Like the name implies, Sling Pods are featured prominently in this galaxy. Smg icon powerstar.png Complete Tarantox's Tangled Web and feed the Hungry Luma 400 Star Bits.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バスルーム
Spanish (NOA) Fuente Fountain
Spanish (NOE) Baño Bathroom
French Salle de bain Bathroom
German Badezimmer Bathroom
Italian Bagno Bathroom
Korean 욕실
Chinese 浴室