Giant Eel Outbreak

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Giant Eel Outbreak
Mario chasing an eel in the Drip Drop Galaxy
Location Drip Drop Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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Giant Eel Outbreak is the only mission of the Drip Drop Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. The mission's objective is to defeat the large Gringills.


The player starts off on one of two islands with penguins on them. The penguins will state that the large Gringills have been terrorizing the waters lately. Swimming around in the waters are the three red Gringills and the player needs to defeat them by launching either Green or Red Shells at them. Once all three have been defeated, the Power Star will appear at a sunken ship.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 巨大きょだいアナゴ 大発生だいはっせい!
Kyodai anago dai-hassei!
Giant Conger Eel Mass Outbreak!
Chinese 击退巨大星鳗!
Jītuì jùdà xīngmán!
Repel the Giant Star Eel!
French (NOA) L'Invasion des Anguilles Géantes The Invasion of the Giant Eels
French (NOE) L'invasion des anguilles géantes The Invasion of the Giant Eels
German Ausbruch der Riesenaale Outbreak of the Giant Eels
Italian Occhio ai Pesci Grossi! Watch out for Giant Fish!
Korean 거대붕장어의 침입!
Geodaebungjang-eo-ui chimip!
Giant Eel Invades!
Spanish (NOA) Las Superanguilas The Super-Eels
Spanish (NOE) Las superanguilas The super-eels