The Secret of Buoy Base

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The Secret of Buoy Base
SMG Buoy Base Green Star.png
Location Buoy Base Galaxy
Mission # 2
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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The Secret of Buoy Base is the second mission of the Buoy Base Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. Its Power Star is one of three Green Power Stars in the game.


When Mario initially dives into the surrounding pool of water, he can find a caged green pipe and open it by luring one of the Torpedo Teds into it. The pipe takes Mario to the outside of the planet, where Mario must lure Bullet Bills into a cage that contains the Green Power Star. Falling off the platforms underneath the planet results in Mario ending up back in Buoy Base's water pool.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 水上要塞すいじょうようさいわすもの
Suijō-yōsai no wasuremono
The Sea Fort's Forgotten Item

Chinese 水上要塞遗忘的东西
Shuǐshàng yàosài yíwàng de dōngxi
Forgotten Piece of the Buoy Base

French (NOA) Le Secret de l'Île Flottante
The Secret of the Floating Island
French (NOE) Objet perdu dans la forteresse flottante
Object lost in the floating fortress
German Fundsache aus der Marinefestung
Lost Property of the Naval Fortress
Italian Il Segreto della Fortezza Galleggiante
The Secret of the Floating Fortress
Korean 수상 요새의 분실물
Susang yosae ui bunsilmul
Lost Piece of the Buoy Base

Spanish (NOA) El Secreto de la Fortaleza Submarina
The Secret of the Underwater Fortress
Spanish (NOE) Olvido en la fortaleza submarina
Obscurity in the Underwater Fortress


  • If Mario falls into the water after he has used the hidden Warp Pipe, gravity prevents him from retracing his steps, and he has to use the Warp Pipe to get back again.