Cosmic Mario Forest Race

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Cosmic Mario Forest Race
Mario about to initiate a race with Cosmic Mario in the mission Cosmic Mario Forest Race in Gold Leaf Galaxy.
Location Gold Leaf Galaxy
Mission # 4
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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Cosmic Mario Forest Race (also known as Cosmic Luigi Forest Race if playing as Luigi) is the fourth mission of Gold Leaf Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. This mission can only be played if a Cosmic Comet is in orbit. The goal of this mission is for Mario to race Cosmic Mario across an obstacle course to reach the Power Star before Cosmic Mario does. If Cosmic Mario reaches the Power Star before Mario can, Mario loses a life.


Mario initially lands on the Reverse Kingdom Planet. After walking a few steps, Cosmic Mario appears. Mario and Cosmic Mario then start racing towards the goal. Initially, Mario should make his way across the starting planet, taking the leftmost path at the first junction. Here, he should find blocks that he needs to jump across. After successfully negotiating these blocks, a wooden walkway is found. Taking this wooden walkway leads him to more blocks that have to be jumped. Having successfully ascended the blocks, he should turn rightwards. Doing this gives him access to a thin wooden walkway suspender high above ground. After successful navigation of this wooden structure, Mario arrives at an octagon-shaped wooden platform. On the center of this platform, the Power Star is found. Grabbing the Power Star ends the mission, though if Cosmic Mario makes it to the Power Star first, Mario will lose a life and the player will have to start the race over.

Planets visited[edit]


  • This is the only Cosmic Mario race to have Cosmic Mario's name at the start instead of in the middle.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese せ シャドウ! オータムウッズへん
Oikose shadō! Ōtamu Udzu hen
Overtake the Shadow! Autumn Woods Arc
Chinese 影子竞速!秋日森林篇
Yǐngzi jìngsù! Qiūrì sēnlín piān
Shadow Racing! Phase Autumn Woods
French (NOA) Devancez Votre Double dans la Galaxie des Feuilles Dorées Overtake Your Double in the Gold Leaf Galaxy
French (NOE) Devance ton double aux bois d'automne! Overtake your double in the autumn woods!
German Überhol den Schatten! Herbstwald Overcome the Shadow! Autumn Forest
Italian Corsa Fantasma! Bosco Autunnale! Ghost Race! Autumnal Woods!
Korean 추월하라 그림자! 골드 리프편
Chuwolhara geurimja! Goldeu ripeupyeon
Outrun the Shadow! Phase Gold Leaf
Spanish (NOA) ¡Fantasma! El Bosque Otoñal Ghost! The Autumnal Forest
Spanish (NOE) ¡Corre, corre! Bosque Otoñal Run, run! Autumnal Forest