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The inside of the Library

The Library is an area of the Comet Observatory in Super Mario Galaxy. While not technically a Dome, it can be entered. As the player collects Power Stars, chapters of Rosalina's Story open up that can be read in the Library. The first time a new chapter is unlocked, Rosalina will be in the Library to read to Mario/Luigi and the Lumas. Afterwards, Mario/Luigi can revisit the Library to reread the story at his leisure.

Rosalina and Lumas in the Library in Super Mario Galaxy 2

The Library makes a quick appearance at the end of Super Mario Galaxy 2 where Rosalina is reading to the Lumas about the game itself and the Green Power Stars.

The Library is alluded to in the background of the Rosalina Board in Mario Party 10. In the southwestern corner of the board is a small platform with two Lumas around a table, on which Rosalina's Storybook stands. One of the Lumas occupies a green rocking chair akin to the one Rosalina uses in Super Mario Galaxy.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 書斎
Book Room
Chinese (Simplified) 图书馆
Chinese (Traditional) 圖書館
French Bibliothèque Library
German Bibliothek Library
Italian Biblioteca Library
Korean 서재
Spanish Biblioteca Library