Toy Time Galaxy

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Toy Time Galaxy
The Toy Time Galaxy.
Area Engine Room
How to unlock Get 40 stars
Boss(es) Undergrunt Gunner, Mecha-Bowser
Comet(s) Fast Foe Comet
Purple Comet
Mission(s) Heavy Metal Mecha-Bowser
Mario Meets Mario
Bouncing Down Cake Lane
Fast Foes of Toy Time
Luigi's Purple Coins
The Flipswitch Chain
Stars StarStarStarFast Foe Comet StarPurple Comet StarSecret Star
Galaxy icon The Cake Planet, the 8-bit Mario Planet, a Toy Train Ring, a floating train, and many floating blocks
“Welcome to the Toy Time Galaxy! We Gearmos are in charge of upkeep and maintenance here.”
Gearmo, Super Mario Galaxy

Toy Time Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy, located in the Engine Room dome. It is a playroom-themed location filled with toys made out of brightly colored building blocks and moving mechanisms. It is inhabited by Gearmos, while Mecha-Bowsers serve as predominant enemies alongside other robotic creatures. This galaxy also features a secondary, food-based area. This galaxy is the only galaxy to have a comet in a secret star area besides Freezeflame Galaxy, which has a Purple Coin comet that requires the player to climb a mountain climbed in a secret level.

"Super Mario 2007", the main music track for the Toy Time Galaxy, is an arrangement of the overworld theme from Super Mario Bros., and carries over to the Supermassive Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2.


NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all names are unofficial.

Starting Planet[edit]

The Starting Planet

This planet looks like a circular train track with two stations. It has two trains on it; one with three cars (which is usually ridden by Captain Toad), and the other with two cars (which is usually ridden by Blue Toad). In some missions, it circles the track clockwise; in others, it circles counterclockwise.

Train Planet[edit]

SMG Train Planet.png
The starting point of the Train Planet.
Mario atop the Train Planet in the Toy Time Galaxy
Atop the Train Planet.

This is a planet made up of many colorful blocks and gears with the general shape of a train engine, mostly identifiable by a long smokestack in the top. This planet also features pink walls with their own gravity. This planet has a 1-Up Mushrooms and a Life Mushroom. The 1-Up Mushroom is between two vent pipes to the left of the starting point that Mario must Wall-Jump to get. The Life Mushroom is following more vent pipes to the right of the starting point over some fans. This planet is the first to have Bolts for Mario to spin.

Conveyor Belts Planet[edit]

The Conveyor Belts Planet
A hidden train in the Toy Time Galaxy
The hidden train

This is a medium sized planet made up of building blocks and conveyor belts. This is where Mario first finds the Spring Mushroom. This planet has a pipe that leads to the planet's tubular inside. A miniature train is viewable in a small crevice near the Warp Pipe mentioned above, and a 1-Up Mushroom. It does not appear to serve any purpose, and may just be eye candy for the level.

Dinner Planet[edit]

The Dinner Planet

This planet is made up of a big plate, a fork, a spoon, and a bottle with a launch star that Mario must reach to move on.



This is a big toy robot that is made to resemble Bowser on a large conveyor belt. Its similarities in appearance to Bowser are its spiked green shell, the spiky collar, and a red protrusion coming out of its head that vaguely resembles Bowser's hair. Mecha-Bowser is a tall, old fashioned-looking blue and green toy robot with wheels on its feet and wind-up keys coming out of the sides of its head and its back. It features green surfaces (much like the pink ones) that Mario can walk on. To get to the top, Mario must destroy its chest plate and its right arm. To destroy the whole robot and save the trapped Gearmos, Mario must destroy the stack of breakable stones on its head, which causes a chain reaction that makes the robot explode. After it is destroyed, only the conveyor belt and the Gearmos remain.

Screw Planet[edit]

The Screw Planet

This is a strange metal and wood planet with a huge screw sticking through it. Mario must collect five yellow Star Chips here to progress. A Hungry Luma can also be found here along with many Amps. This planet has been said to look somewhat like the head of F.L.U.D.D. from Super Mario Sunshine.

8-Bit Mario Bros. Planet[edit]

The 8-bit planet. To see the reverse side, go to :File:LuigiPurpleCoins.png
Mario on the 8-bit Mario Bros. Planet

This is a very thin planet with an 8-bit Mario on one side and an 8-bit Luigi on the other. This planet matches the appearance of 8-bit Mario or Luigi, using Flip Tiles for their skin color, shrinking platforms for their shirt color and lava tiles for Mario's hat and pants color (poison water tiles for Luigi's). A starting block with a star is attached to one of 8-bit Mario or Luigi's feet. On the hat part of the brothers, M is written on it with Star Bits and L is written for Luigi. The Mario side has five Silver Stars and the Luigi side has 150 Purple Coins, of which only 100 need to be collected. The Luigi side only has these coins when the Purple Comet is in orbit around the galaxy. This planet is seen in the Mario Squared Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2 (and in fact comprises the entire galaxy), as separate Mario and Luigi planets.

First Dessert Area[edit]

The First Dessert Area

This area consists of one cake, two slices of cake and a conveyor belt with chocolate bars on it. Mario needs the Spring Mushroom to scale the cake slices and jump over the chocolate bars.

Second Dessert Area[edit]

The Second Dessert Area

This area consists of one large orange cake, a slice of cake on a plate and a wall of white chocolate. Mario must bounce or walk around the spinning cake to get to a Sling Star. The cake's center is a black hole.

Frozen Dessert Area[edit]

SMG Frozen Dessert Area.png
The Frozen Dessert Area.
Mario near the cannon in the Toy Time Galaxy
The cannon on the last ice platform.

This area is a collection of an ice cream cone, popsicles, lollipops, and huge ice cubes. While in this area, the music changes to the ice variation of Freezeflame Galaxy's music. Mario starts out on an ice cream cone and is shortly greeted by the lone Li'l Brr who lives there. Mario will have to use the sticks of the popsicles as poles and traverse over the pit until he reaches the area with the rotating lollipops. The lollipops have Ring Beamers which produce shockwaves that will damage Mario. Unlike their purple or green counterparts, they can't be jumped on unless Mario wants to take some damage from its spikes. There is a trail of Electrogoombas on a thin, icy path. Mario will need to avoid them as they may cause him to fall off the trail and into the black hole below. The last ice cube has a cannon that will shoot Mario to the Launch Star.

Birthday Cake Planet[edit]

The Birthday Cake Planet

This is an oversized cake with five candles and six forks and spoons sticking out of it. Mario can go down the green Warp Pipe on the red spoon (one of two spoons not in the cake) and enter the inside of the planet. Mario must "blow" out all five candles by spinning next to them. This will cause a Launch Star to appear.

Undergrunt Gunner's Planet[edit]

Undergrunt Gunner's Cake Planet.
Undergrunt Gunner's Planet where he is fought

This is a large cake with a canister of gumballs on it. When Mario arrives, the Undergrunt Gunner has taken over the planet and resides in his new electric cannon on top of the gumball canister. Mario must don the Spring Suit and spring up to the cannon in order to deliver the glass-rattling ground pound on the mole three times to end his reign of terror. Mario can find a Life Mushroom to the right of the mole and a 1-Up Mushroom above the mole. The area is also littered with mini Mecha-Bowsers that provide coins when Mario's HP gets low, but they may also act as nuisances.

Chain Planet[edit]

The Chain Planet.

The Chain Planet[1] is two square shaped planets intertwined. They are covered with Tox Boxes and Flipswitch Panels. Mario must turn the switches yellow in order to get the Power Star. Toy Time Galaxy's Fast Foe Comet also occurs in this area. This area can be reached by feeding the Hungry Luma on the Screw Planet.

Sky Train[edit]

Mario near an inaccessible train in the Toy Time Galaxy
Mario flying near the train.

As Mario is launched towards the starting planet, an inaccessible train can be seen passing by. By hacking, it is shown that this train has collision, despite the fact that the player cannot normally get to it.

Gear Planets[edit]

Mario looking at gears in the Toy Time Galaxy
Mario looking at the gears.

These are three wooden gears that float around the factory planet with some star bits on them. Through hacking, it shows these planets are solid. The gravity is the same is as the train planet.


Mario near pencils in the Toy Time Galaxy
Mario flying near pencils.

Throughout the galaxy, usually seen when Mario is flying towards another planet via a launch star, there are some pencils with star bits around them. Unlike the gears, these are not solid.


Mario near spoons in the Toy Time Galaxy
Mario flying near spoons.

When Mario is flying towards the second planet in the third mission via a launch star, some inaccessible spoons with star bits in their bowls can be seen. It is likely that they are solid, as they seem to be copies of accessible spoons.

Orange slices[edit]

Mario near an orange slice in the Toy Time Galaxy
Mario flying near an orange slice.

In the third mission, there are some orange slices with star bits next to them. These are also seen while flying to the next planet, just like the spoons. However, unlike the spoons, it is unlikely these are solid.


Mario near asteroids in the Toy Time Galaxy
Mario flying near the asteroids.

As Mario is being launched towards the boss area in the third mission, some asteroids or mini-planets can be seen with rings of star bits around them. It is unknown whether these have collision, but is more likely that they do, as there are other similar objects like the mini-planet in Spin Dig Galaxy[2] which do have collision.




Level Image Summary
Heavy Metal Mecha-Bowser Mecha Bowser's stack of blocks. This mission's objective is to climb up and defeat Mecha-Bowser.
Mario Meets Mario The 8-bit planet. To see the reverse side, go to :File:LuigiPurpleCoins.png This mission's objective is to collect five Silver Stars on the 8-bit Mario planet.
Bouncing Down Cake Lane Undergrunt Gunner's Cake Planet. This mission's objective is to defeat an Undergrunt Gunner.
Fast Foes of Toy Time Fast Foes of Toy Time This mission's objective is to complete The Flipswitch Chain mission with the enemies moving faster.
Luigi's Purple Coins Luigi's Purple Coins. To see the reverse side, go to :File:8-bit Mario and Luigi Planet.png This mission's objective is to collect the Purple Coins on the Luigi side of the 8-bit Mario planet.
The Flipswitch Chain Chain Planets.png This mission's objective is to activate all the Flipswitch Panels.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トイボックスギャラクシー
Toi Bokkusu Gyarakushī
Toy Box Galaxy
Chinese 玩具箱银河
Wánjù xiāng yínhé
Toy Box Galaxy
French (NOA) Coffre à Bébelles Toy Box
French (NOE) Coffre à jouets Toy Box
German Spielzeugschachtel-Galaxie Toy Box Galaxy
Italian Galassia Balocco Toy Galaxy
Korean 토이 박스 갤럭시
Toi Bakseu Galleoksi
Toy Box Galaxy
Spanish (NOA) Galaxia de la Caja de Juguetes Toy Box Galaxy
Spanish (NOE) Galaxia Caja de Juguetes Toy Box Galaxy


  • In one of the upper corners of the room, a dark spherical planet can be seen. This is actually the outside of the spherical secret area full of prickly plants, and if closely examined, the green undersides of said plants can be seen on said planet.
    • Similarly, a distance from the 8-bit planet is a capsule-shaped planet that the player never actually travels to. However, hacking the game and flying to the planet reveals it to be the tube-like area that the player can enter by using the Warp Pipe in the first mission of the galaxy.
  • In the first or second mission using a flying hack, if Mario or Luigi flies to the Birthday Cake Planet, they will see a Warp Pipe that is tilted and floating in midair. Entering this pipe will take the player to the same bonus room from the "Bouncing Down Cake Lane" mission. If the player leaves, they will automatically lose a life since there is no ground for them to land on.[3]


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