The Galaxy's Greatest Wave

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The Galaxy's Greatest Wave
SMG The Galaxy's Greatest Wave.png
Location Loopdeeswoop Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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The Galaxy's Greatest Wave is the only mission of the Loopdeeswoop Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. Similar to the Surfing 101 mission in the Loopdeeloop Galaxy, this mission's objective is to race through a course on the back of a Manta Ray.


The player starts on one of the small, circular platforms. Approaching the Penguin Coach will have him ask if the player wants to race the course, and accepting will bring the player to the course on the back of a Ray.

The player is given three minutes to complete a lap on the course. Compared to the course in Surfing 101, this course is more challenging. The course has many slopes, bends, and narrow paths, as well as a large loop halfway through the track. If the player can complete the course in under three minutes, the Coach will reward the player with the Power Star. However, once three minutes have elapsed, the race will stop and the player will lose a life.

Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カリスマサーファーへの道
Karisuma sāfā e no michi
Way to be the charismatic surfer
Spanish (NOA) Le Mejor Ola de la Galaxia The Greatest Wave in the Galaxy
Spanish (NOE) La senda del surfista legendario The path of the legendary surfer
French (NOA) La Vague la Plus Grande de la Galaxie The Greatest Wave in the Galaxy
French (NOE) Vagues à l'âme. Waves to the soul.
German Wie man ein Surfer wird How to Become a Surfer
Italian Sulla scia del surfista leggendario In the wake of the legendary surfer
Korean 서핑 전문가가 되는 길
Seoping jeonmungaga doeneun gil
Path to Becoming the Surf Master
Chinese 成为超一流冲浪选手!
Chéngwéi chāo yīliú chōnglàng xuǎnshǒu!
Become the super first class surfer