Freezeflame's Blistering Core

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Freezeflame's Blistering Core
SMG Freezeflame Blistering Core Star.png
Location Freezeflame Galaxy
Mission # 2
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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Freezeflame's Blistering Core is the second mission of the Freezeflame Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. The objective is to cross the lava planet.


Fire Luigi in the Freezeflame Galaxy
Fire Luigi within the Lava Core Planet.

The players starts again on the ice ring planet, though this time there are five Star Chips the player needs to collect, all of which are trapped in crystals. Once all five are collected, Pull Stars and a Launch Star will appear in the center of the ring, with the Launch Star taking the player to the Lava Core Planet.

The Lava Core Planet features large, stone platforms and structures surrounded by lava. The first area has many Ground Urchins and the player needs to go up a pole to reach a higher ledge and cross several platforms to find a ? Coin that will spawn a Fire Flower when touched. As Fire Mario, the player needs to head back to the area just before the pole and light a torch before the power-up wears off. Lighting the torch will cause a staircase to appear, leading to the next area.

Jumping when under the above stone platform will cause the gravity to flip. This area has several fire balls flying out of the lava in an arch over the platforms along with more Ground Urchins. In a bubble is another Fire Flower the player has to utilize to light up two more torches, which will cause a wall to rise when they are lit. The player then has to Wall Jump up the wall where gravity will flip again to an area with rotating platforms. The player has to stand in the right spot on the platform to make them turn in a way where the player is able to cross them. The next segment has many moving platforms and Li'l Cinders. Near the back of the area is another Fire Flower and two torches the player has to light while riding a moving platform in order to raise the gate blocking the Power Star.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese こおりくに溶岩道ようがんどう
Kōri no kuni no yōgandō
The Lava Province of Ice Country
Chinese 冰之国的熔岩道
Bīng zhī guó de róngyán dào
Lava Road of Icy Country
French (NOA) Chemin de Lave au Pays des Glaces Lava Path in the Country of Ice
French (NOE) Chemin de lave au pays des glaces Lava path in the country of ice
German Lavaweg im Land des Eises Lava Trail in the Land of Ice
Italian Strada di Lava nel Regno Gelido Lava Path in the Freezing Kingdom
Korean 얼음 왕국의 용암길
Eoreum wanggugui yong-amgil
Lava Road in Ice Kingdom
Spanish (NOA) La Senda de Magma del Reino Gélido The Path of Magma of the Icy Kingdom
Spanish (NOE) La senda de magma del reino gélido The path of magma of the icy kingdom