Gold Leaf Galaxy

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Gold Leaf Galaxy
Gold Leaf Galaxy.png 
Area Engine Room 
How to unlock Get 34 stars and complete Bowser's Dark Matter Plant
Boss(es) Undergrunt Gunner 
Comet(s) Cosmic Comet
Purple Comet 
Level(s) Star Bunnies on the Hunt
Cataquack to the Skies
When It Rains, It Pours
Cosmic Mario Forest Race
Purple Coins in the Woods
The Bell on the Big Tree 
Stars Smg icon powerstar.pngSmg icon powerstar.pngSmg icon powerstar.pngSmg icon cosmiccomet.pngSmg icon purplecomet.pngSmg icon powerstar.png 
Galaxy Icon The Reverse Kingdom Planet, the Poihana Relay Planet, and a few fallen leaves

The Gold Leaf Galaxy is a galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy that can be accessed from the Engine Room. The galaxy is a mirrored version of Honeyhive Galaxy - with the galaxy's file name even being titled "ReverseKingdomGalaxy" - and shares the same music, though it has an autumn environment and some changes, such as the disappearance of a cave behind the waterfall, the watch tower now being an observatory and relocated, and the addition of Cataquacks and unique planets and areas.

This is one of the three bee-themed galaxies in the game, the other two being the Honeyhive Galaxy and Honeyclimb Galaxy.


Reverse Kingdom Planet[edit]

Mario landing on the Reverse Kingdom Planet
Mario flying to the Reverse Kingdom Planet

Reverse Kingdom Planet[1] is almost identical to the Honeyhive Galaxy's main planet but with a few differences. The planet is also always in fall (or autumn). To the immediate left of the starting area, there is a group of Star Bits that form a large letter "L", most likely referring to Luigi, in the same position (mirror-wise) as the group of Star Bits to the right of the starting area in the Honeyhive Galaxy, which form a large letter "M", most likely referring to Mario. The planet is also filled with small piles of leaves that release a coin or three Star Bits when the player spins them. A ? Coin can be found under the planet that transforms into a Sling Star when collected, which also creates a line of Coins that lead to a Warp Pipe at the top of the waterfall. The only way to reach the ? Coin is as Bee Mario/Luigi. There is also a 1-Up Mushroom that can be found on top of the skinny tree on the structure housing boulders.

In the first mission, there are five Blue Star Chips scattered across the planet that Mario must find. Mario is given hints by the Star Bunnies as to where the Star Chips are. In the second mission, lots of blue Cataquacks that are owned by the Honeybees cover the starting planet. In the third mission there is a huge tower called the observation deck. The tower is taken over by an Undergrunt in a bubble cannon called the Undergrunt Gunner.

Bump Appear Planet[edit]

Mario on the Bump Appear Planet

Bump Appear Planet[2] is a big wooden planet with several water pools with grates over them. There is a switch that can move the grates and make wooden pegs pop out of the ground. There are also blocks that resemble flat ? blocks that slide around and seem to be made of ice.

Poihana Relay Planet[edit]

Mario on the Poihana Relay Planet

Poihana Relay Planet[3] is a small wooden planet with a small pool, two Wigglers, and a Cataquack. Mario must get the Cataquack to stand on its symbol and get it to launch Mario up to go to the next planet.

Poihana Maze Planet[edit]

Mario on the Poihana Maze Planet

Poihana Maze Planet[4] is a small planet that looks a lot like the Puzzle Cube from the Gusty Garden Galaxy. Mario must lead the Cataquack on the planet through the maze, get it to stand on its designated symbol and then launch Mario up to the next planet.

M Shape Relay Planet[edit]

Mario on the M Shape Relay Planet

M Shape Relay Planet[5] is a line shaped like an "M". It has three Cataquacks and Mario must get one of the Cataquacks to stand on the end of the planet and get it to launch Mario up to go to the next planet to proceed.

Flower Planet[edit]

Mario on the Flower Planet

The Flower Planet[6] is a big round planet with a grass area, a dirt area, a pool area, two tall towers (one that looks like a Jenga tower), and a floating flower garden. The power star is at the end of the flower garden.



Level Image Summary
Star Bunnies on the Hunt SMG Star Bunnies on the Hunt.png This mission involves collecting Star Chips to eventually catch a Star Bunny.
Cataquack to the Skies CataquackGalaxy.png The primary goal of this mission is using Cataquacks to be launched into the air.
When It Rains, It Pours Undergruntgunnerwater.png This mission involves maneuvering an obstacle course to eventually fight an Undergrunt Gunner.
Cosmic Mario/Luigi Forest Race Cosmic Mario Forest Race Infobox Image.png This mission is a cosmic race against Cosmic Mario on the obstacle course found in When It Rains, It Pours.
Purple Coins in the Woods Gold Leaf Purple Coin Mission Infobox Image.png This mission involves collecting 100 Purple Coins across the obstacle course found in When It Rains, It Pours. All of the Coins must be collected under a time limit of three minutes and thirty seconds.
The Bell on the Big Tree Bubbletree.png This secret star is found in the mission Cataquack to the Skies. In this mission, the goal is to collect musical notes while floating in a bubble.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オータムウッズギャラクシー
Ōtamu Uzzu Gyarakushī
Autumn Woods Galaxy
Spanish Galaxia del Bosque Otoñal Autumn Woods Galaxy
French (NOA) Feuilles Dorées Gold Leaf
French (NOE) Bois d'automne Autumn wood
Italian Galassia Bosco Autunnale Autumn Woods Galaxy
Korean 골드 리프 갤럭시
Goldeu Ripeu Galleoksi
Gold Leaf Galaxy
Chinese 秋日森林银河
Qiūrì sēnlín yínhé
Autumn Woods Galaxy


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