Kamella's Airship Attack

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Kamella's Airship Attack
Location Space Junk Galaxy
Mission # 2
Game Super Mario Galaxy
Boss(es) Kamella
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Kamella's Airship Attack is the second mission of Space Junk Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. The objective is to cross several Airships and defeat Kamella.


Interior of one of the Airships.

The player begins on two Starshrooms and using the Launch Star will send Mario to the Airships. The first Airship has several crates and two Goombas, along with a ? Block containing a number of Star Bits. Spinning at the lever will cause a bridge to fall and allow Mario to reach the platforms ahead, where two Star Bunnies are showing the player how to jump and spin to reach higher objects. Breaking the nearby crate will reveal a Sling Star that will launch Mario to the next Airship, which has several Goombas and a Magikoopa. By spinning on a screw nearby, the player can reach a ? Block with Star Bits, and the player can use a Green Shell to open up the Treasure Chests that contain a Coin, Star Bits, or the Launch Star.

The next Airship has a higher platform that tilts when it is stood on. The player can use this platform to reach a smokestack with a Pull Star over it to enter the interior of the Airship, which has many Star Bits. On the opposing Airship are two Ota Rocks that will shoot out fireballs. The player has to use the nearby Koopa Troopas to damage the Ota Rocks. The treasure chest on the left contains a Red Shell, which will home in on the enemies, and the chest on the right contains a Life Mushroom. Defeating both Ota Rocks will cause the bridge to fall, allowing Mario to reach the next Airship and begin the fight with Kamella.

Kamella attacks by shooting out a magic blast that will result in either fireballs or a Green Shell. Picking up the Green Shell and throwing it at Kamella will damage her. After the first hit, Kamella will begin moving around the Airship. After the second hit, she will call up additional Magikoopas and move back to behind the Airship. Hitting her once more will defeat her and reward the player with the Power Star.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 突入! カメック船団
Totsunyū! Kamekku sendan
Strike! Kamek Fleet
Chinese 进攻卡美克头头船队!
Jìngōng kǎměikè tóutóu chuánduì!
Attacking the Kamek Boss Fleet!
French (NOA) La Charge de la Flotte d'Archi Kamek The Charge of Kamek's Fleet
French (NOE) La charge de la flotte Kamek The Charge of the Kamek Fleet
German Kameks Flotte greift an! Kamek's Fleet Attacks!
Italian Attacco alla Flotta Kamek Attacking the Kamek Fleet
Korean 침입! 마귀 선단
Chimip! Magwi Seondan
Invasion! Kamek Fleet
Spanish (NOA) El Ataque de la Nave de Kamella The Attack of Kamella's Navy
Spanish (NOE) Carga de la armada de Kamek Charge of Kamek's navy