Bee Mario Takes Flight

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Bee Mario Takes Flight
Mario becomes Bee Mario
Location Honeyhive Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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Toad Brigade Captain, Super Mario Galaxy

Bee Mario Takes Flight (known as Bee Luigi Takes Flight when using Luigi) is the first Power Star in the Honeyhive Galaxy.


Mario climbing on the Queen Bee for Star Chips.
Mario first meeting up with Captain Toad.

This mission (as well as the rest in this galaxy) starts on the largest planet in the Honeyhive Galaxy. The player must take the path up the hill with a ? Coin, which makes the Bee Mushroom appear when obtained. The Bee Mushroom must be collected in order to fly up to the nearby ledges. A tree stump that has a hole in it is found at the end of a tunnel after reaching said ledges. The player must fall down the hole and use the slide. Following this, there is a path way with honey puddles that must be traversed in order to reach a Launch Star. The next planet is a pond filled with lily pads, and one of the platforms has a Fling Flower that is used to spin up and gain height. This flower is also used to reach some spinning flower platforms, which must then be crossed while avoiding the water jets to reach another Launch Star. The first honey wall is encountered after reaching the Launch Star. Once the wall is climbed, the Queen Bee is encountered. She starts to complain about a horrible itching plague, and asks the player to find the source of her itch, which turn out to be Star Chips. Then, using a Launch Star leads the player to the top of a tree on the Starting Planet. The leader of the Toad Brigade presents the player with a Power Star. When this mission is completed, the Toad Brigade appears on the Comet Observatory.


A friendly Honeybee

Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 飛べ! ハチマリオ!
Tobe! Hachi Mario!
Fly! Bee Mario!
French (NOA) Envole-toi, Mario Abeille! Fly away, Bee Mario!
French (NOE) Envole-toi, Mario/Luigi abeille ! Fly away, Bee Mario/Luigi!
German Flieg! Bienen-Mario/Luigi! Fly! Bee Mario/Luigi!
Italian Mario/Luigi Ape, spicca il volo! Fly away, Bee Mario/Luigi!
Korean 날아라! 꿀벌마리오!
Narara! Kkulbeol Mario!
Fly! Bee Mario!
Spanish ¡Mario/Luigi Abeja! ¡Revolotea! Bee Mario/Luigi! Flutter!