Heavy Metal Mecha-Bowser

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Heavy Metal Mecha-Bowser
Big Mecha Bowser.png
Location Toy Time Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy
Boss(es) Mecha-Bowser
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Heavy Metal Mecha-Bowser is the first mission of the Toy Time Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. The mission's objective is to climb and defeat Mecha-Bowser.


The player starts on a platform next to a circular track with two trains moving along it. On the opposite side of the track is a Launch Star that will launch Mario to a large train-shaped set of platforms with mini Mecha-Bowsers walking around it and pink walls that affect the gravity nearby, and the player has to use these pink walls to reach a yellow screw on the structure to the right. By spinning on a screw on a platform opposite of where the player started, the player can reach a lower platform with a blue screw, and spinning on it will cause a platform to extend, allowing the player to reach the Launch Star they have uncovered by removing the yellow screw from earlier. This Launch Star will send the player to a planet with many conveyor belts, and collecting the ? Coin nearby will cause a Spring Mushroom to appear, which will allow the player to reach higher platforms. Moving along the conveyor belts to the back and up the cubed platforms, the player will reach a Launch Star that will take them to a large dish with a Launch Star trapped in a container. Using a Spring Mushroom power-up, the player can jump up to the top of the container and Ground Pound the block to reach the Launch Star, which will send the player to Mecha-Bowser.

The player will start the ascent on Mecha-Bowser at its conveyor belt feet, and getting crushed by the wheels will instantly kill Mario. Wall Jumping up the short walls, the player has to use the green platforms to walk up the legs of Mecha-Bowser and spin to tighten two blue screws, which will create a Sling Star to the above platform. On the next platform, the player has to unscrew four yellow screws while avoiding rotating Fire Bars to reveal a hole with a Warp Pipe. Entering the pipe will take the player to a long platform with a couple of mini Mecha-Bowsers. The player then has to climb up Mecha-Bowser's arm and unscrew a yellow screw at the end, which will cause the arm to start falling and a Launch Star to appear. The Launch Star will send the player to a long mesh platform with a Magikoopa and fireballs will be continuously shot out of a cannon. Using a Spring Mushroom, the player has to bounce up to the head of Mecha-Bowser, while avoiding a Sentry Beam, and Ground Pound the pillar of stone slabs to destroy the large robot, earning the player a Power Star and freeing the Gearmos that were inside.

It is entirely possible to complete this level without the Spring Mushroom, via careful usage of skilled jumps.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 鋼鉄魔王こうてつまおうメカクッパ
Kōtetsu maō Mekakuppa
Steel Demon King Mecha-Bowser
Chinese 钢铁魔王——机器酷霸
Gāngtiě mówáng -- Jīqì Kùbà
Metal Demon King -- Mecha-Bowser
French (NOA) Le Monstre en Acier, Mécabowser The Steel Monster, Mechabowser
French (NOE) Le démon d'acier, Mécabowser The steel demon, Mecha Bowser
German Stählerner Koloss, Robo-Bowser Steely Colossus, Robo-Bowser
Italian Bowsermatic, il Malvagio d'Acciaio Mecha-Bowser, the steel evil
Korean 강철 마왕 메가쿠파
Gangcheol mawang megakupa
Metal Demon King Mecha-Bowser
Spanish (NOA) Mecakoopa, el Enemigo de Metal Mechakoopa, the Metal Enemy
Spanish (NOE) Mech Bowser, el diablo makinero Mecha Bowser, the mekanic devil