Sandblast Speed Run

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Sandblast Speed Run
Dusty Dune Galaxy
Location Dusty Dune Galaxy
Mission # 4
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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Sandblast Speed Run is the fourth mission of the Dusty Dune Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. Until its completion, this mission can only be done while a Speedy Comet is in orbit.


For this mission, the player has to go through the entirety of the Blasting through the Sand mission in a time limit of four minutes, thirty seconds. Other than additional Star Bits and some missing enemies, the layout and objective of this mission is the same as the original one. Failure to collect the Power Star within the time limit will result in Mario losing a life and the player has to start over.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese タイムアタック! てしない流砂りゅうさえて
Taimu atakku! Hateshinai ryūsa o koete
Time Attack! Crossing the Endless Quickstand
Chinese 时间挑战!穿越无尽的流沙
Shíjiān tiāozhàn! Chuānyuè wújìn de liúshā
Time Attack! Going Through the Endless Quicksand
French (NOA) Sables Mouvants Sans Fin (Contre-la-Montre) Endless Quicksand (Against the Clock)
French (NOE) Sables mouvants sans fin (contre-la-montre) Endless quicksand (against the clock)
German Zeitangriff! Jenseits des Treibsands Time Attack! Beyond the Quicksand
Italian In Fretta! Sabbie Mobili Interminabili Quickly! Endless Quicksand
Korean 타임 어택! 끝없는 모래사장을 건너
Taim eotaek! Kkeudeomneun moraesajang-eul geonneo
Time Attack! Crossing the Endless Quicksand
Spanish (NOA) ¡Date prisa! Las Arenas Movedizas Hurry! Quicksand
Spanish (NOE) ¡Date prisa! Arenas movedizas Hurry! Quicksand