Dino Piranha (mission)

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Dino Piranha
Dino Piranha with a purple head
Location Good Egg Galaxy
Mission # 1
Game Super Mario Galaxy
Boss(es) Dino Piranha
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Dino Piranha is the first mission of Good Egg Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. The primary goal in this mission is for Mario (or Luigi) to defeat Dino Piranha.


Using a Sproutle Vine to progress.

Mario lands on the Starting Planet. From here, he should walk to the underside of the planet. Whilst here, he can destroy some crystals to obtain Star Bits. Climbing to the top of the underside of the planet, Mario must find a Luma, which transforms into a Sling Star, subsequently slinging him into a Launch Star. He is then launched to the Boulder planet. The objective here is for him to collect five Star Chips whilst avoiding Boulders. When all five have been collected, a Launch Star spawns, launching him to the Bean planet. When he reaches this small planet, he should defeat a Piranha Plant which will spawn a Sproutle Vine that allow him to access the Bitten Apple planet.

Mario has a choice of which path he will now take. One of these choices is to travel to the Flipswitch planet, accessed by defeating a Piranha Plant atop a Warp Pipe, and the Block-Climb planet. Should he choose to access the Flipswitch planet, the music will change to the Space Fantasy music. While there, he has to activate Flipswitch Panels that ultimately spawn a Launch Star, launching him to the Block-Climb planet, and the music changes back to the normal Good Egg Galaxy music. If Mario does not access the Flipswitch planet, he has to avoid Boulders and deal with Slurples to access a Spiny Piranha Plant which spawns a Sproutle Vine after being defeated. This Sproutle Vine takes Mario to the Block-Climb planet.

Dino Piranha is angry.

Once on the Block-Climb planet, Mario should climb some platforms whilst dealing with blue Electrogoomba to eventually find a crystal that contains a Launch Star. This Launch Star takes him to the final planet of the mission, the Dino Geo planet, where the boss of the mission, Dino Piranha, is found. Mario may also find Tracks on the bottom of the Block-Climb planet. Upon landing on the Dino Geo planet, Dino Piranha's egg is cracked open, revealing Dino Piranha's tail. It is woken up by hitting the end of the tail with the spin move. It then wakes up and gets angry, chasing Mario around the planet. The method of fighting the boss remains the same: Mario must hit the end of its tail three more times to defeat the boss. After being hit twice, the boss changes color from purple to red and starts moving faster. After four hits, Dino Piranha is defeated, releasing the Power Star of the mission.

Enemies and obstacles[edit]

Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese タマゴのほしの ディノパックン
Tamago no hoshi no Dino Pakkun
Dino Piranha on the Egg Planet

Chinese 蛋蛋星上的恐龙吞食花
Dàn dàn xīng shàng de kǒnglóng tūnshí huā
Dino Piranha on the Egg Planet

French (NOA) Dino Piranha
French (NOE) Des planètes, des œufs, et Dino Piranha
Planets, eggs, and Dino Piranha
German Dino-Piranha auf dem Eierstern
Dino Piranha on the Egg-Star
Italian Dino Piranha
Korean 달걀별의 디노뻐끔
Dalgyal byeol ui Dino Ppeokkeum
Dino Piranha of Egg Planet

Spanish (NOA) La Planta Dinopiraña
The Dino Piranha Plant
Spanish (NOE) Planeta ovoide y Planta Dinopiraña
Ovoid Planet and Dino Piranha Plant