Cataquack to the Skies

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Cataquack to the Skies
A screenshot of Cataquacks approching Mario at the Gold Leaf Galaxy.
Location Gold Leaf Galaxy
Mission # 2
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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“My pet Cataquack chucks me into the air whenever I want! Wheeee!”
Honeybee, Super Mario Galaxy

Cataquack to the Skies is the second mission of Gold Leaf Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. This mission has Mario (or Luigi) being launched into the air by being attacked by Cataquacks during multiple occasions throughout the mission. There is a secret star, The Bell on the Big Tree, to be obtained in this mission.


Mario initially lands on the Reverse Kingdom Planet. Here, he has to cross a continuous stream of boulders as he ventures forth across the planet. Mario then comes across two Flipbugs. Continuing moving forward, Mario should reach a small pen with a single Cataquack. Using this Cataquack, Mario is launched into a Sling Star. Activating this Sling Star takes Mario to the area around the big tree. There is a Bee Mushroom on a lily pad that Mario should grab. He should then maneuver his way to another pen, this one containing two sleeping Cataquacks. By walking near them, Mario wakes them up, and can use them to get higher up. After being launched into the air, Mario should fly upwards a little bit to reach another platform with another Cataquack. By using the same strategy as before, Mario lands on a small platform with a switch on it that can be Ground Pounded to reveal Star Bits connected to a walkway that Mario should pass. After passing this walkway, Mario reaches an area with a small fountain-like structure, two Crystals containing Star Bits, and a Launch Star. This Launch Star takes Mario to the Poihana Relay Planet.

When Mario arrives at the Poihana Relay Planet, he immediately loses his Bee Suit as he lands in a small pool of water. On this planet are two Wigglers and a Cataquack. On this planet, Mario has to get the attention of the Cataquack to make it follow him. Mario should make the Cataquack follow him to a Cataquack symbol. Standing on the Cataquack symbol and being launched upwards by the Cataquack here, Mario is taken to the Poihana Maze Planet. This small, maze-like planet has a single Cataquack that should follow Mario to another Cataquack symbol. Mario should make the Cataquack follow him on the wooden walkways of the planet, as all other paths lead to dead ends. There are multiple crates here that he has to spin at to destroy and to allow the Cataquack to follow him. Having successfully guided the Cataquack to the Cataquack symbol, he can then be launched upwards by the Cataquack to the M Shape Relay Planet. On this M-shaped platform are several Cataquack that try to launch Mario upwards. Here, Mario should try to evade the Cataquack until he reaches the end of the planet. Here, he should lead a Cataquack to the tip of the planet to be launched into a Launch Star, taking him to the Flower Planet.

On the Cataquack planet, Mario should find an area with two Undergrunts that circle one patch of grass each. After defeating the Undergrunts, Mario should find a Cataquack at one patch of grass and guide the Cataquack to the other patch of grass. Being launched upwards here earns Mario a Bee Mushroom. He must then lead the Cataquack near the base of a Jenga-like tower. After being launched upwards here by the Cataquack, Mario should fly to reach the top of the tower. Flying forwards here takes him to a circular platform with a Wiggler on it. From here, Mario has to navigate a set of flower platforms with Flipbugs on them. Successfully navigating the flower platforms leads Mario to the Power Star of the mission. Grabbing the Power Star ends the mission.


Planets Visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ポイっと げられて
Poi tto nagerarete
Thrown Around Carelessly
Chinese 咻地抛向空中
Xiū de pāo xiàng kōngzhōng
Throw into the Sky
French (NOA) Lancé dans Tous les Sens Thrown in All Directions
French (NOE) Lancé dans tous les sens Thrown in all directions
German Geworfen werden Being Thrown
Italian Catapapero Catapulta! Cataquack Catapult!
Korean 높이 높이 날아라
Nopi nopi narara
Fly High, High
Spanish (NOA) Empujado hasta la Saciedad Pushed at Satiety
Spanish (NOE) Empujado hasta la saciedad Pushed at satiety