Planet of Trials

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Planet of Trials
Planet of Trials.png
Screenshot of the Planet of Trials.
Game Super Mario Galaxy
Super Mario 3D All-Stars
Level(s) 4
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“The doorway to the Trial Galaxies has been restored. May the light of the cosmos be with you, brave challenger.”
Green Luma, Super Mario Galaxy

The Planet of Trials is a small planet orbiting the Comet Observatory in Super Mario Galaxy. The planet can only be accessed once all three Green Stars have been recovered. Once they have been collected, the Green Lumas activate a green Launch Star which allows Mario or Luigi to travel to the planet. This Launch Star is located on a small hill next to the Garage, with the three Green Lumas positioned around it.

From this point on, the planet serves as a hub for the three Trial Galaxies: the Rolling Gizmo Galaxy on the yellow arm, the Bubble Blast Galaxy on the green arm, and the Loopdeeswoop Galaxy on the blue arm. After all 120 Power Stars have been collected with both Mario and Luigi, a fourth Green Luma appears on the back of the planet and grants access to the Grand Finale Galaxy. There is also an orange Warp Pipe on the Planet of Trials that leads back to the Comet Observatory.

If the player tries to get to the Planet of Trials using the Red Star instead of using the green Launch Star, they will run into an invisible barrier that prevents them from doing so and get pulled back to the Observatory, even after they have collected all three of the Green Stars. This is most likely to prevent Mario or Luigi from reaching the planet without collecting the three Green Stars.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 試練の扉
Shiren no tobira
Gate of Challenge

Chinese 试练之门
Shìliàn Zhī Mén
Gate of Challenge

French (NOA) Planète des Épreuves
Planet of trials
French (NOE) Étoiles des épreuves
Stars of trials
German Challenge-Stern
Challenge Star
Italian Varco delle Sfide
Gate of Challenges
Korean 시련의 문
Siryeon ui mun
Gate of Challenge

Spanish Estrellas Reto
Challenge Stars