Kitchen (Super Mario Galaxy)

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Inside the Kitchen.
SMG Kitchen Overview.png
The Kitchen galaxies.
SMG Kitchen Exterior.png
The Kitchen's exterior.

The Kitchen is a dome in Super Mario Galaxy. It is the third accessible dome, and must be unlocked by recovering the Grand Star from Bowser's Star Reactor. The main boss of the Kitchen is Bowser Jr.

The Kitchen has brick walls with an eternally-smoking chimney on top. Inside is a wooden floor with a raised star-shaped platform in the middle. The Kitchen also has a sink and a fireplace. There is also a 1-Up Mushroom behind the tower that the Kitchen is situated upon. As with all domes, the Kitchen has a Pull Star in the middle which is used to access the dome's galaxies.

When the black hole of Bowser's Galaxy Reactor was formed, Peach's Castle was forcefully pushed through the nothingness and collided with the Comet Observatory, sending the kitchen off into space without the Observatory.


SMG Kitchen Dome Model.png
Galaxy Description Star(s) Unlocking criterion
Beach Bowl Galaxy.png
Beach Bowl Galaxy
This is a water-themed galaxy. Penguins are featured prominently here. This is the first time in the game where the Ice Flower is obtainable through the secret Star. A notable area of this galaxy is the The Cyclone Stone, later reused in Super Mario Galaxy 2's Stone Cyclone Galaxy. Smg icon powerstar.pngSmg icon powerstar.png
Smg icon powerstar.pngSmg icon fastfoecomet.png
Smg icon purplecomet.pngSmg icon powerstar.png
Collect 16 Stars and finish Bowser's Star Reactor.
Bubble Breeze Galaxy.png
Bubble Breeze Galaxy
This galaxy prominently features a poison swamp that instantaneously kills Mario when touched. The main method of transport in this galaxy is careful maneuvering of bubbles. Smg icon powerstar.png Collect 19 Stars.
Ghostly Galaxy.png
Ghostly Galaxy
This is a Ghost House-themed galaxy. Luigi is first found here, and completing the first mission of the galaxy will unlock Luigi missions in previous galaxies. Bouldergeist is fought here twice, once during normal conditions during the third mission and once during Daredevil conditions. The Boo Mushroom is introduced here. Smg icon powerstar.pngSmg icon powerstar.png
Smg icon powerstar.pngSmg icon daredevilcomet.png
Smg icon purplecomet.pngSmg icon powerstar.png
Collect 20 Stars.
Buoy Base Galaxy.png
Buoy Base Galaxy
This galaxy, like its name implies, is mainly focused on a large buoy. This is one of the two galaxies in the game to feature two Stars, the other one being Gateway Galaxy. This is one of the three galaxies in the game to feature a Green Star, the other two being Battlerock Galaxy and Dusty Dune Galaxy. Smg icon powerstar.pngSmg icon greenstar.png Collect 30 Stars and finish Sunken Treasure.
Bowser Jr. Airship Armada.png
Bowser Jr.'s Airship Armada
This is the boss galaxy of the Kitchen. The boss here is Bowser Jr.. As the name implies, there are many Airships here. Smg icon grandstar.png Collect 23 Stars.
Drip Drop Galaxy
This Hungry Luma galaxy is composed entirely out of one large spherical planet made almost entirely out of water. Three Gringills are fought here to obtain the galaxy's one Star. Smg icon powerstar.png Complete Sunken Treasure and feed the Hungry Luma 600 Star Bits.

Name in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キッチン
Spanish Cocina Kitchen
French Cuisine Kitchen
German Küche Kitchen
Italian Cucina Kitchen
Korean 부엌
Chinese 厨房