Dreadnought's Colossal Cannons

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Dreadnought's Colossal Cannons
SMG Colossal Cannons Platform.png
Location Dreadnought Galaxy
Mission # 2
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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Dreadnought's Colossal Cannons is the second mission of the Dreadnought Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy.


Mario stepping on Flipswitch Panels while avoiding Mini Chomps.
Mario climbing up the Mini Chomp path.
Mario crossing the gap.

The player starts on a platform next to a Bolt Lift that will turn and move as the player stands on it. Afterward is a large hill with Flipswitch Panels, and many Mini Chomps will be rolling down the hill. While avoiding the Mini Chomps, the player needs to activate all of the Flipwsitch Panels to the green "on" position, and doing so will remove all the electric rails and defeat the Mini Chomps. Next, the player has to move between more large, rotating bolts and defeat two Roctos to lower a bridge to a Launch Star, which will send the player to an area along the side of the Dreadnought.

In this area, many cannonballs are being fired from the Dreadnought, and stepping onto a platform will make it start moving. Avoiding the enemies and obstacles, the player has to move from platform to platform to reach the end, with some platforms changing the flow of gravity when the player jumps at them. Above one of the Spring Vaults at the end is the Power Star.


Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 弾幕だんまくあらしから生還せいかんせよ!
Danmaku no arashi kara seikan seyo!
Make it Out of the Bullet Storm Alive!
French (NOA) Les Canons Colossaux du Cuirassé Colossal Cannons of the Battleship
French (NOE) Tir de barrage Barrage fire
German Überlebe das Sperrfeuer! Survive the Barrage!
Italian Tempesta di Palle di Cannone Cannonballs Storm
Korean 폭탄의 폭풍 속에서 생환하라!
Poktanui pokpung sogeseo saenghwanara!
Stay Alive in the Bomb Storm!
Spanish (NOA) Torbellino de Cañonazos Whirlwind of Cannon shots
Spanish (NOE) Torbellino de cañonazos Whirlwind of cannon shots