Purple Coin Spacewalk

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Purple Coin Spacewalk
SMG Space Junk Galaxy Purple Coins.png
Location Space Junk Galaxy
Mission # 5
Game Super Mario Galaxy
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Purple Coin Spacewalk is the fifth mission of Space Junk Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy. The mission's objective is to collect Purple Coins within a time limit.


The player will start off in the Assembly Block Planet area, where the Silver Stars were collected during the first and fourth missions. 100 Purple Coins are grouped in the area and the player has to collect them all within a time limit of two minutes. The arrangement of the space junk is different from the previous missions, and some paths may not lead anywhere at all. After collecting all 100 Purple Coins, the player has to use whatever time is remaining to make it back to the starting area to collect the Power Star.

Planets visited[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ほしくずのての パープルコイン
Hoshikuzu no hate no Pāpuru Koin
Purple Coins at the Ends of the Stardust

Chinese 星屑尽头的紫色硬币
Xīngxiè jìntóu de zǐsè yìngbì
Purple Coins at The End of the Stardust

French (NOA) La Sortie dans l'Espace des Pièces Violettes
The Outing in the Space of the Purple Coins
French (NOE) Les pièces violettes des éclats d'étoiles
The Purple Coins of the Star Bits
German Lila Münzen des Sternstaubs
Purple Coins of the Star Dust
Italian Monete Viola e Astroschegge
Purple Coins and Star Bits
Korean 별똥별 너머의 퍼플코인
Byeolttongbyeol Neomeo ui Peopeul Koin
Purple Coins beyond the Shooting Star

Spanish (NOA) Las Monedas al Filo de las Estrellas
The Coins on the Edge of the Stars
Spanish (NOE) Monedas al filo de las estrellas
Coins on the edge of the stars